Best Hose Timer Can Make Your Garden Look Beautiful


If you are dilettante of making a beautiful garden in the yard of your house you must be accustomed to the thing hose pipe. The main purpose of the hose pipe is to water things. The pipes are basically known for producing a heavy force of water but to make the purpose of the hose pipes more effective you must consider using hose timers that will simplify your work of watering a lot.

There are a number of advantages that a hose timer can provide you. They are as followed

Lower the Risk of Over Watering

If you are growing plants and flowers in your garden, it is quite important to confer the perfect quantity of water to your water. But in many cases over watering destroys the plants, the risk of which can be avoided by using hose timers.

Water your Plants Even at your Absence 

If you need to clean the lawn of your home or water the plants of your garden but finding no time do your job, the hose timers can be a perfect choice for you. Attach the hose to a sprinkler and set the particular timing of its work. It will turn on and shut down by itself.

Water Conservation

At the present time everyone is aware of the importance of water conservation but most of the time people waste water unknowingly while doing their job like at the time of cleaning their lawn or watering the plants. The hose timer can take a big role to conserve the water. According to several studies, the hose timer can save 60% water that one would have required for doing his work.

For the number of applications of the hose timers, a huge of variety of hose timers from renowned brands can be found on the market today. Here is the list of some famous hose timers that are now trending in the market

Claber 8420

On the list of the popular hose timers, the name of the reputed brand Claber must be taken. The Claber 8420 hose timers features

  • Easy programming
  • Two separate lines, each of which can hold up to three programs at a particular time
  • Allows a wide range of water customization
  • Quick-click coupling system for hose removal
  • Manual code can be preset by 15 minutes

DIG Corporation B09DB

This type of hose timer is also well known for having a number of unique features

Consists of a ¾” hose thread, thus, easy to install

It can be attached to all standard faucets

Well known for its excellent durability as it can run for years with a single 9V battery

Melnor 3015

Melnor is the company which has earned a reputation for their range of hose timers and the Melnor 3015 is one of the well-acclaimed hose timers produced by the company. This water timer consists of a number of excellent features. They are as followed.

  • You can set up to 6 watering times in a day while the other ones allow the user to set only 4 times
  • You don’t have to reset the battery frequently as it continues the program through battery changes

Along with these aforementioned models, you will be also able to get a number of different types of hose timers also from different companies.


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