Best App Monetization Platforms for Android App


The key purpose of every app owner is to make money by means of his or her creation. Mobile advertising is one of such tools. Mobile ad marketing is rising rapidly. Experts claim that by 2021 it’ll triple today’s scope. Thus, people are looking for their delicious piece in here.

We are pleased to present the greatest 7 Android software monetizing platforms together with their features and characteristics.

# Appodeal

The first vivid example on how to monetize the app is Appodeal program. Without focusing much on advertisers, given platform serves largely to assist service makers. Appodeal operates to prevent platform owners from dealing with traffic monetizing issues, dedicating themselves specifically to coding.

Checking Appodeal characteristics you’ll see what you might obtain when applying the present platform.

Advertising options

  • Video rewardable – unfortunately, it cannot be skipped;
  • Banner – it could be placed in different parts of the screen;
  • Native – there are few templates to choose from with a banner;
  • Playable.

Filter possibilities

The platform allows sorting out advertisements, filtering them by age, sex, segmentation, in-app purchase amount.

Appodeal distinguishing features

  • the option to log in and to activate testing mode;
  • Admob integrating;
  • placements to trace ads and to deal with them locationwise;
  • Amazon, Android, Unity, iOS

# Leadbolt

Being created in 2010, nowadays Leadbolt is a promising corporation engaging with advertising, bringing customers, and online traffic monetizing. Mentioned service has users in 165 countries, and its functionalities will explain you such popularity.

Advertising options

  • Video
  • Playable
  • Native
  • Interstitials

Filter possibilities

Native advertisements are to be downloaded in the form of the list straight from the server. Video advertisements are “in-app” or “reward”.

Leadbolt distinguishing features

  • referral scheme
  • Android, Xamarin, Titanium, B4A
  • Heyzap, AdMob, AdoreFlash integration

# PubMatic

Being a programmatic monetizing service, PubMatic offers pretty handy advertising tools and puts together customers, app developers, and advertisers. PubMatic is very popular and efficient, so the company is proud of its multiple offices worldwide. We are going to have a look at their parameters to see seasons of its success.

Advertising options

  • Banner
  • Rich Media
  • Interstitial
  • Native

Filters possibilities

Location filter is available – both manual and automatic. Developers will also be happy to know about gadget definition and user targeting possibilities.

PubMatic ensures two kinds of targeting – customers info and application data.

As to analytics capacities, PubMatic proffers pretty in-depth analytics in addition to customizable reporting on stated by your characteristics. Also, there is a notification system together with additional handy instruments to gather full picture data on the campaign.

# Facebook Audience Network

It’s one of the best software monetization services. The mentioned platform is equally good for both – websites and business apps. It’s not exclusively for Facebook applications, so any kind of apps can enjoy it.

Advertisers will be happy to know that such a program allows them to promote their goods and services among different users who prefer various mobile platforms. At the same time, it’s a great win-win situation, as app developers also receive a portion of Facebook ad profit.

Facebook Audience Network is so in demand, as it possesses extensive data on users to be a perfect instrument to target ads accurately.

Functionalities of the platform in question shall tell us secrets of its popularity.

Advertising options

  • Banner
  • Bonus Video Ads
  • Ad cut-ins
  • Ad cut-ins in video
  • Native Ads
  • Native scroll

Indeed, Facebook creates the best circumstances for the most optimal ads targeting. Advertisers might also have additional information on users which they can combine with Facebook data.

Facebook Audience Network distinguishing features

  • wide diversity of ad types and the ability to configure them on the server for free;
  • video advertising hardware acceleration – this is the only way to avoid black screen to appear in lieu of video itself.

# InMobi

Being a worldwide app monetizing program, InMobi offers the greatest ROI in advertising and online marketing. It assists app developers, marketers and brands in attracting customers at various stages of their engagement with the service.

InMobi owner was built in 2007. Having the company head office in Singapore, the platform customers are all over the world – Asia, North America, Europe, Latin America.

InMobi claims that their average customers get in touch with InMobi 6 times each day, and there are over six bln ad impressions each day. Majority of them come from such categories, as “Lifestyle” and “Entertainment”.

Advertising options

  • Video – full-screen, in-stream, out-stream, in-feed, splash, rewarded;
  • Native – splash, in-article, in-feed, in-stream;
  • Dynamic Carousel Advertising;
  • Playable;
  • Interactive Rich Media Advertising;
  • Banner;
  • High-Impact Interstitial Advertising

Filter possibilities

From the perspective of the server, below-mentioned filters are applicable for each separate ad:

  • Domain could be applied for blocking rivals;
  • Categories or even subcategories up to 20 pieces;
  • Landing page URL.

From the perspective of the customer, there are content display filters, like:

  • age
  • education
  • location by means of coordinates or zip code
  • hobby
  • sex

InMobi distinguishing features

  • Wide range of ad types with the possibility to configure them on the server;
  • the possibility to preload advertising for displaying in future;
  • SDK upgrades banner ads in an automatic way;
  • Possibility to file a complaint on some ads or advertisers;
  • SDK can adjust native ads of any sizes within the chosen aspect ratio;
  • Sending info to the server could be monitored by means of the server;
  • SDK gathers geolocation information in an automatic way;
  • Heyzap, ironSource and Appodeal integration;

# AdForm

The platform was created in 2002. Adform – IT corporation from Denmark – has built a sophisticated mobile monetizing program that specializes in online advertising. Nowadays, Adform has opened its offices in 15 countries.

Adform has learned to analyze the campaigns to adjust their strategies accordingly. That is their way to success. Studying customers’ behavior they strive to detect what would motivate users to click the ads. They thoroughly work on their ad monetizing strategy.

Advertising options

  • Inline – similar to native ads;
  • Full screen;
  • Interpage ads.

AdForm distinguishing features

  • The ability to adjust ads by adding a keyword or search phrases to the specific advertisement;
  • Monitoring geolocation data collecting from the app;
  • AdMob integration;
  • Convenient SDK.

# MoPub

MoPub serves to assist mobile sites which take advantage of ad monetization instruments in applying those advertisements in the most optimal way. MoPub deals with a few billion ads every day.

Advertising options

  • Banner;
  • Rewarded Video
  • Native
  • Native Video
  • Interstitial

Filter possibilities

There is a possibility to see the status of a specific campaign (running, complete or paused). You can also filter to see if the ad unit is individual or multiple. Ad source type could be checked as well (Backfill, Guaranteed, Marketplace, Networks, etc.).

MoPub distinguishing features

  • MoPub in-house DSP is as reliable as other app ads software;
  • You have the possibility to establish lower prices in some specific countries. And 12 prioritization levels help in optimizing direct campaigns together with MoPub Marketplace itself.
  • Integration is possible with AdColony, Vungle, One by AOL, Unity Ads, AppLovin.

We hope that our short review turned out to be useful for you. Those platforms are at your service to monetize your online program by means of in-app advertising. We know that you’ll make it work for you!