Military Power Supplies

Benefits Of Military Power Supplies and Examples Of Military Grade Equipment


Military power supplies are created to be extremely durable and long-lasting to withstand harsh conditions. They are able to provide and facilitate power usage in a variety of extreme military-level applications.

Military power supplies meet the demands and high-power needs for aerospace and defence industries. These supplies are created to resist the conditions of extreme environments, intense weather and long cycles of use. Their rugged construction allows them to be used in a variety of conditions, and this is one of the factors that makes these supplies most significant. Military power supplies vary from standard sources of power in that they are constructed much more meticulously, so they are manufactured and tested to perform in much harsher surroundings. Some specialised supplies are even designed for specific types of extreme conditions such as heat, moisture or vibration.

The Need for Rugged Power

These power source supplies are made with a particular quality to make them more durable than any standard power source. In addition to withstanding harsh environmental conditions, they are meant to endure heavy wear and strain. The applications of military use often require extreme or prolonged use of equipment. In these cases, military-grade equipment is required to ensure the necessary devices continue to perform at their expected level without failures. One of the most distinct features of power supplies of this quality is the range of input options. Power input and load are essential features that can provide versatility with the right power sources and supplies.

Heavy-Duty AC to DC Converters

Perhaps one of the most useful power supply components to have in use is a converter. One of the most powerful is a 1000-watt AC to DC switcher. The best converters in this class are small and lightweight with a high efficiency no matter the load placed upon them. In addition to power and size considerations, quality converters are sealed to resist even the most intense humidity.

Single-Phase Transformers

In some circumstances, transformers are just as if not more necessary than converters. Military-grade transformers are usually for space, missile and other airborne applications. Those of the highest quality are capable of operating even under higher temperatures. Transformers should be encapsulated to resist excessive sun, vibration, shock, dust, sand, fungus, salt, humidity, moisture and altitude. Some military-grade transformers can even withstand possible damage caused by sudden explosions.

Three-Phase Transformers

The best three-phase transformers for military use are small and compact. Some provide up to five different inputs, and they are ideal for naval electronics, industrial telecommunications and ground support equipment. Military-quality three-phase transformers are also designed to meet the high temperature resistance required for airborne applications and other military electronics. Just like single-phase transformers, three-phase transformers should be encapsulated to resist damage from moisture, vibration, sun exposure, fungus, dust, sand, humidity, salt, shock and explosions.

DC to AC Inverters

The inverters change direct current to alternating current, and this current can be output at any voltage and frequency necessary with the right equipment. DC inverters can be used in a variety of applications such as shipboard, aircraft and road vehicle systems requiring AC power and backup power options. Ideal DC inverters are highly-efficient, powerful and reliable, and they are useful in situations requiring low maintenance. They should be tough enough to handle various environmental circumstances and operate with prime performance while still being lightweight.

DC to DC Inverters

DC to DC converters convert a direct current from one voltage level to another. The best DC to DC converters for military-level operations should be durable and reliable. They should offer protection from overheating, output over-voltage and output short circuiting. Quality DC converters can meet the most complex needs with high efficiency and low noise. They should also have a wide input range with adjustable output voltage to accommodate various power needs.

Over-voltage Protectors

These devices prevent excessive spikes in voltage processed by power equipment or the devices relying on such equipment. These protectors should have a fast response time, and this would be less than 20 microseconds in ideal cases. The trip voltage should be adjustable, and they should be small, lightweight and sealed.


An inductor receives and stores power to keep a steady current going in the presence of a varying voltage or current. The most useful inductors are encapsulated to survive in harsh environments.

EMI Filters

Electromagnetic interference disturbs electrical circuits from external sources. This disturbance can interrupt, limit or obstruct the performance of these circuits. The result can be degradation of information or even a total data loss. Electromagnetic interference filters (EMI filters) are used to suppress conducted interference in a signal.

Military-grade power equipment provides a number of benefits over standard power supplies. The specific conditions of any equipment or how it will be used should be examined and considered before seeking for purchase.

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