Benefits Of Investing With Patented Gold Mines For Sale


When people think of patented mining claims they often think of the great Gold Rush and assume those days have gone the way of the dinosaurs but this is not the case. Patented mining claims are still a viable way of earning some significant cash and patents are still available for purchase throughout the US. As legislation was passed which stopped the creation of new claims, you’ll be left purchasing one off of an existing claim owner. These do come up for various reasons so the dream of owning your own gold mine can still come to fruition.

Patented mining claims are titles received from the government which transfer the ownership of the land to an individual, making it private land. This will allow you to remove any minerals on site without a mining patent from a mining claim. A mining claim, on the other hand, opens up the land to the public domain and allows an individual to explore and extract any minerals they happen to find on the land tract, and are unpatented.

The benefits of investing with Patented Gold Mines for Sale in California are that you own the land privately. As such, a mining plan or notice for a mining interest does not need to be filed. You will, however, be forced to comply with federal, state, and local regulations for use as a mine. With this type of mining claim you are permitted to do whatever you desire with the land and can build yourself a house or cabin and live on it year round if you wish.

As owner of the property, you have the right to prevent other individuals and the public from trespassing on it for their own purposes such as fishing, hunting, hiking, or camping. Fences, outbuildings, sheds, and other structures are permitted on your patented mining claim once you are the owner. You are permitted to forbid the land to be used by other prospectors looking to mine your site.

Your claim allows you to mine for various minerals as you own the rights to them. You may also wish to run a business on it where others are permitted to mine, fish, hunt, or camp in a pay-as-you go type of setup. You are permitted to run a farm or raise various livestock as long as you are complying with all the legislation required in that area. Like any other property you own, you will be subject to the property taxes set out by the municipality.

Investing in a patented mining claim in California is a great way to pursue your dream of mining for various minerals. As a mine claim owner, you will have various responsibilities and will have to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations and pay taxes. You will, however, experience the benefit of owning the property, will be able to do with it as you wish as long as it complies with regulation, and have the ability to sell it should you decide to move along onto some other grand adventure.