Are Electric or Gas Dirt Bikes Better For Kids?

Are Electric or Gas Dirt Bikes Better For Kids?


What kid doesn’t want a dirt bike? Watching teenagers and adults slinging mud, making crazy jumps, and rapid turns are enough to make any youngster feel the urge and passion for Motorcross sports. However, as a parent, it is critical to not have your child progress faster than is safe.

The options for a first dirt bike usually straddle between electric or gas options. While gas is often more exciting because it provides more power, electric is the safer option for beginners. Gas bikes demand more control and confidence from the rider, and the controls tend to be a little more complex and sensitive than with electric dirt bikes, which run at lower speeds, allowing your child to build the confidence they need to become excellent riders.

How To Make Sure Your Motorcycle is Kid Friendly

Before purchasing your child a dirt bike of their own, consider nurturing their interest in your motorcycle or Intense Tazer Pro Build dirt bike. There are five ways to help spark interest in your ride.

  1. Talk to them about it: Most kids have an inquisitive nature, meaning that they will ask questions about things they are interested in. Whenever your kid has a question about your bike answer it but in child terms. Also, while talking about your bike, try to bring up the basic safety skills for riding, like how to mount the bike and avoid contact with the exhaust.
  2. Help them pick out safety gear: Most kids love to get new things. If your child has been bothering you for some time about taking a ride on the back of your bike, make sure to get the appropriate safety equipment. You want to find a fitting helmet and gloves. Explain why a secure fit is important to a rider without scaring the living daylight out of them.
  3. Buy them appropriate clothing: Shorts and t-shirts will not suffice. If your child is interested in dirt bikes and motorcycles, they need to understand that safety is paramount.
  4. Start slow: When the time is finally right and legal, you can take them out for their first ride. Nothing sparks a motorcycle obsession like the experience. However, remember to take it slow and don’t go for long hauls just yet. The first ride should be in a controlled environment, ensuring that you get familiar with weight distribution and your child gets comfortable with the ride.
  5. Build confidence: After taking a few initial neighborhood rides, consider getting more adventurous. Take your child out for longer and farther excursions. Once your child is comfortable with your motorcycle, you can consider getting them comfortable on a dirt bike.

Recommended Bikes for Beginners

It is hard to go wrong with an electric dirt bike. As a parent, however, you do not need to break the bank. A bike like the Monster Moto 1000 or Razor MX350 is good for any child starting out and cost below $350. These starter bikes are enough to learn the fundamentals and build confidence.

If you still aren’t sure about what bike is best for your child, consider reaching out to a professional. Any seasoned employee at the best place to buy Tazer MX E-Bike can help you make a selection that is best for you and your kid.


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