Are Demo Trucks Considered New Trucks?

Are Demo Trucks Considered New Trucks?


Finding the most cost-efficient yet high-quality truck for your business can be challenging. Some business owners buy new models, but second-hand trucks are becoming more popular in the industry. The wisest buyers, however, are looking for something in between.

If you’re looking at new trucks for sale, you may as well check out demonstration (demo) trucks. These trucks were only used for test-drives and are relatively good as new. The vehicle’s performance has been tested and approved, yet it retains a new model’s appeal.

What are the Pros and Cons of a New Truck?

A brand new truck definitely provides good performance and quality. Right off the factory, you won’t have to worry about previous issues in the engine and other parts of the vehicle. It comes with a full warranty and good insurance schemes too.

New models have the latest features and innovations. The automobile industry always has improvements yearly, whether it’s audio upgrades, seat comfort design, or the latest safety features. If new technology is important to your business, then new models are the way to go.

However, brand new trucks cost a lot, even with loans or amortization packages. If your budget allows for the latest model, then review new trucks for sale in the market. But if you’re looking for a more cost-efficient option, demo trucks prove to be the sensible choice.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Demo Truck?

Demonstration trucks or demo trucks are vehicles that dealerships use for test drives. Sometimes, the sales staff may use these vehicles too. It may have accumulated a certain amount of mileage, but not as much as second-hand trucks. Still, it is important to check for the actual mileage when buying a demo truck or car.

Since they are used for customer test drives, most manufacturers or dealerships use upper-spec vehicles for demos. Thus, when you buy a demo, there’s a high chance you’re getting a car with better specifications than the common new model. These vehicles are always well-maintained too to promote sales at the dealership. So when you buy a demo, at least you are ensured that the vehicle’s engine and parts have been taken good care of.

However, one downside of demos is the shortened warranty. Better review what warranty is left on the demo truck to ensure that it still matches a good price range. What makes demos different from used cars or trucks is their registration. A vehicle is legally considered used when it has been registered. Demos are not registered despite accumulating mileage and are still considered new.

How much Discount can I get with Demo Trucks?

There is no exact rule or policy for discounts on demo trucks. The price is between a new model and a used model’s price. It is also less than the bottom line price of Consumer Reports. Furthermore, with new truck models coming into the market, dealerships give good deals on demos to accommodate them.

Both are Good Deals.

Generally, new and demo trucks provide a good deal. In today’s fast-paced market, it is even possible to buy demo vehicle models that are still suitable and up to date. Your current business goals and primary use of the truck may influence your buying choice. Nonetheless, make sure to thoroughly inspect a specific new or demo truck’s quality and specifications.