Application Essay, The Critical And Delicate Aspect Of College Admission Process


Seeking admission to the best college is every student’s dream. However, one needs targeted efforts to make the dream true. Application Essay is one of the basic things in the admission process. At times, it becomes the only deciding factor when all other parameters match. It is needless to say that students should not take it lightly because the negligence can be a make or break issue.

Many students ask the question to experts that how important are essays in the admission process? Well, the answers vary from expert to expert, but one thing is pretty simple. It is part and partial of the admission process, and you do not have a say in it. Whether the college looks into each sentence written by you carefully or it is just a formality, you should give your best while writing the Application Essay. Effective formulation of sentences and content quality shine an essay distinctively from others. When other important parameters match closely, the essay could be the winning point.

It is critically important indeed

Application Essay speaks loudly about the inner voice of the student. It helps in establishing a logical image of the student. Since there are hundreds of the ways to expanding an idea, the way you expand it makes the difference. When all other aspects like activities, grades and entrance examination results are objective, the essay is purely subjective.  Experts treat it is as critical as GPA (Grade Point Average) or standardized test score.  Admission committee decides the future of your application based on an equal precedence to both the aspects. Hence, give your best while writing the essay. Read it again and again refine.

Many students forget that the selection committee wants to have a better idea about the personality and depth of thoughts from it. They treat it merely a formality and write haphazardly and unsystematically. It results in a bad impression. Spend adequate time in putting the concepts in a serial order.  Make a rough, first-cut sketch. Keep on adding thoughts to it till you get the desired shape. Multiple iterations may be required in the process.

Seek the help of expert writers

When you are not able to write it yourself, it is the time to seek help of those who know how to write it effectively? There are several service providers on the Internet. You should browse and search for the best one.  Send the requirement specifications clearly and content guidelines (if any). Remember, you should be absolutely precise and unambiguous while specifying requirements. It helps the writers in conceptualizing and writing the Application Essay effectively. Professional writers are experts in the niche and they have the necessary knack of putting the ideas in impressive manner.

Each college has a different way and criteria to look at it. Some look at the conceptualization and development of the central idea. Some give importance to the clarity of thoughts. Some colleges are quite particular about the language and vocabulary. Therefore, one should try to exceed in all aspects.