Advantages and Drawbacks of Part-Time Jobs




Working in non-scheduled job working hours seems interesting right?

Full-time employees generally work from 9-5, which means 32 to 40 hours per week. Well, for some that’s considered an unbearable long amount of working hours per week, that’s why the head to the Part-Time jobs and some would even choose to work as a freelancer.

Every job environment has its own advantages and drawbacks, it might attract some workers and others wouldn’t tolerate working without being officially committed to a certain company. Part-Time jobs are a great choice for people who cannot commit with a specific company with long-term obligation, they prefer working upon their schedule with their own rules. Part time jobs can be possibly occupied by nearly everyone, starting from senior high school students all the way up to seniors themselves, part-time jobs means good pay whenever you’re in need and free , besides being able to keep up with your social life events and relationships very well.

Here are the benefits and the drawbacks of part Jobs:

  • Advantages of Part-Time Jobs:
  1. Great amount of flexibility in your schedule.

Part-Time jobs give you a great amount of flexibility when it comes to working hours or days. Part-time employees don’t have to actually negotiate when they can come to work and when they’re not coming, it’s their choice. Having a high level of flexibility in your weekly working hours is a great advantage , it allow  you to live normally leaving a small part of your daily hours in a commitment with work.

  • Part-Time jobs are available in most fields and industries, most companies’holds a lot of part-time job opportunities,and you can easily visit Joblangand search for a Part-Time Job opportunity which would perfectly fit your qualifications and requirements.
  1. Free Time for Yourself.

Part-Time employees are always free for family and friends related events and issues. Unlike Full-time employees, they usually miss important events because they’ll be busy at work. Working in a part time job gives you the ability to make money and still be there for your family, kids and friends.

  • Part-Time jobs are greatly advised for people who are very social and put their family first no matter what.
  • If you’re considered a very social personality, then part-time jobs are a great choice for you. You can easily find a suitable job offer by checking the latest job opportunities posted on Joblang and apply online.
  1. No stress.

Working Part-Time gives you a great amount of comfort and relaxation. Working for a limited amount of hours wouldn’t consume your energy and wouldn’t make you stressed out from too much work pressure. Working for long hours would make the employees highly stressed-out and they might take their frustration to their personal life and not separate between home and business issues. Most Part-Timers are away from feeling stressful and most of them live in a high level of comfort.


  • If you’re the type or people who wouldn’t tolerate working under high pressure environments, then Part-Tim jobs should be your consideration. You can easily find hundreds of great job opportunities through huge online job websites like and apply online.
  • Drawbacks Of Part-Time Jobs:
  1. Less Pay.

Well, working less hours means less money returns, fair enough?

Of course Part-Time employees aren’t going to be paid high amounts of money for only working little amount of hours daily.

  • Some people would prefer working for two Part-Time jobs, one job on early morning jobs and another mid-night shift job.
  • If you’re not looking at it financially, then working as a part-time is a great choice for you.
  1. No Benefits.

Part-Time jobs are occupied without a legal paper commitment. Most employers wouldn’t give benefits for Part-Time employees, a very rarely percentage of employers would.  Part-Time jobs wouldn’t offer you any benefits like health insurance or dental insurance.

  • If you Joblang and surf through hundreds of job opportunities , you’ll be able to check if some companies would give any kind of beneficial advantages for their Part-Time  employees , although most of them wouldn’t.
  1. Rare Promotional chances.

Taking fewer responsibilities will certainly reflect your opportunities. Promotional chances are eligible for hard working Full-Time employees , it’s not fair to give a promotion for an employee who works for only 4 hours a day , full-time employees are more eligible .Part-Time employees rarely gets promoted or raised , their little amount of tasks and responsibilities has put them in this situation.

  • Promotions should be given fairly, the more responsibility the employee takes the more chances of promotion they should get.
  • If you’re not interested in promotional related issues and raises then Part-Time jobs are suitable for you.

Part-Time jobs can actually suit everyone. As mentioned above, part-time jobs can be occupied starting from high-school, then college and afterwards it can be one of the part-time jobs occupied by one person with a different time-table and locations. Sometimes it would be better to occupy such job roles like part-time jobs; it would be a great choice if it was well used. Some personalities wouldn’t tolerate working for long boring hours behind a desk,taking too many orders and not having any extra time for their families and friends. Part-Time jobs are a great choice for people who treasures social life and life events, Full-Time jobs are a killer choice for social personalities. Part-Time jobs are enrolled in various industries and majors;you’ll absolutely find something which fits your requirements and qualifications!