Acid Cigar – A Brand To Drool Over


There are lots of varieties in Cigar, those are available in the market and all these brands and sub brands are of different quality, mainly on the basis of their origin and Acid cigar is one of those brands, which is very popular among the users. Acid cigars add a class to one’s personality, and most importantly, it takes all care to provide the best quality product to the users.

Smoking is a habit that can be viewed everywhere throughout the world. There are many forms of smoking but the ingredients are to some extent of same category. Cigar is considered to be an ancient habit and it’s now been spreads over almost all over the earth. Though the origin of cigar is not yet known but in ancient Guatemala, some ancient signs had been discovered that proves that this habit was present dates back in the period of Mayan civilization. Even in middle age, during the famous journey of Columbus in 1492, three of his companions were encountered with this habit in Hispaniola and later they introduced this in Europe.

Cigar – Manufacturing

Cigar is prepared by a bundle of tightly rolled fermented tobacco leafs in a definite style and sizes and sometimes with blended by aroma. Cigar tobacco is normally grown in considerable quantities in several countries.

Tobacco vegetation are harvested and matured using a procedure that combines applying of heat and shade to lessen sugar and water content with essential care so that the large leaves cannot be rotten. This primary part of the procedure, called curing, and the time takes between 25 and 45 days, varies largely based upon climatic environment as well as the building of shed used to store up tobacco raw material. This curing process is maneuver based upon the category of tobacco, and the preferred leaf color. Fermentation is the second part of the process, which goes through the setting designed to facilitate slow drying of the leaf. Humidity and Temperature are two other aspects those are controlled to make sure that the leaf keeps on to ferment gradually, devoid of rotting or decomposed. At this point of processing the burning, flavor and aroma uniqueness are mainly brought out in the leaf and get ready for further course of action. Furthermore, once the leaves have matured correctly, those are sorted for utilizing as wrapper based upon their look and by and large on eminence. The leaves are continually moistened and handled carefully, during this entire process, to ensure that each leaf is used in best manner according to its characteristics.

The Unique Brand

Like other brands the Acid Cigar is available in different quality, depending on the leaf and manufacturing differences of different region and country. Due to its unique quality of creating excitement, these acid cigars are a great hit among the cigar smokers and there are lots of quality cigars that are available with diverse nature of aroma, blend and shape. Though manufacturers of many countries have the credential of Acid Cigar but the Latin American countries are the frontrunner in this segment.