7 Things To Consider Before You Hire Personal Injury Lawyer

7 Things To Consider Before You Hire Personal Injury Lawyer


You may need to hire a lawyer to recover the damages incurred in an accident. But, how to decide which lawyer will be best suited according to your needs? Is he competent enough to represent your interests in the best possible way?

In such a scenario, you are likely to ask yourself, why do I need to hire a lawyer?

Most of the accidents are minor and negligible that are handled by insurance company. However, a majority of accidents which cause some serious injuries and damage to vehicle or real estate are more complicated in terms of recovery from insurance companies. This is precisely where the role of lawyer comes into the picture.

Let’s take a look at these 7 things you must consider before hiring a personal injury lawyer:

1.Experience matters the most

You must initially check whether the lawyer has a vast experience in handling personal injury cases or not. It is advisable to seek references. The next step is to gather facts about the number of cases solved by him pertaining to the same field in the past. If your case involves wrongful death, then, try to find a lawyer who has an extensive experience in dealing with the type of cases you are looking for.

2.Reputation in the market

Do a racky on internet about him. Try to take reviews and comments from the other clients he has worked for or is working with. You can even check his previous records for understanding his personality better. While checking his reputation, you will get an insight of his performance and attitude towards handling the case.

3.Is he straightforward?

It is very essential to check if he is honest to you or not? Is he telling you about the challenges and obstacles related to the case that you will be facing? Is he giving you an estimate about the percentage of winning or losing the case? Assessing these factors is beneficial to understand his approach towards your case.

4.Initial period consulting fee

Usually initial phase of consulting with lawyer is free of cost. When you approach a lawyer and start discussing the case, he or she may not charge until he has decided to take up your case and start working on it. If somebody asks for a fee in the case study process too then, it’s time to look up for the next option!

5.Check the team or staff size

You need to assess how does the team or staff of the lawyer handles the case. Do you feel that they work professionally and are capable in providing you all the services regarding to your case? Is the team helpful and supportive? Are they maintaining all the records or addressing your queries clearly? Are you satisfied with their professionalism? These queries need to be addressed in order to understand the work mechanism of the team.

6.Explore the lawsuit  

Most of the lawyers are so careless that they don’t even file the lawsuit until the deadline approaches. While contacting a lawyer, ask him about the date of filing lawsuit of your case? It is essential to check  all these details in advance, so that, you can get familiar with the work approach of the lawyer. There are some cases which even don’t require lawsuit to be filed. Even though, this method is less expensive, it proves to be a timely process. It even prevents you from falling down in a pit of lawsuits!

7.Is he trustworthy

This is the most important concern when it comes to hiring of a lawyer. Do you trust the person you are going to hire for your case? You feel comfortable around him? Self satisfaction is very important before handing over your case to somebody else.

In the profession of lawyer slip of tongue and falling down in pit is unacceptable. The same goes for you when it comes to choose the best lawyer for the case. Try to search online about lawyers and arrange a meeting to build trust in order to know him rightly. This will definitely help you in figuring out the above points mentioned above to look for in lawyer.