Lip Plumpers

7 Myths and Truths About Lip Plumpers


Lip plumpers are among the most popular cosmetic products of the moment, many of them promising to give you the most amazing set of lips. Many Hollywood celebrities have brought lip plumpers to the center of attention, causing us to become green with envy. In an effort to shed some light on the matter, we have gathered seven myths and truths about lip plumpers. Do not hesitate to read all of them and form your own opinion on the subject.

#1 Myth: Lip Plumpers Deliver Injectable-Like Results

Truth: while lip plumpers do a wonderful job at increasing the volume of your lips, the final result cannot be placed at an equal level with the hyaluronic acid injections or other similar procedures. However, it is important to understand that top lip plumpers are quite effective, allowing you to look beautiful, without having to resort to complex and painful procedures.

#2 Myth: Lip Plumpers Have a Permanent Effect

Truth: Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest myths related to lip plumpers. The active ingredients contained in the lip plumper will “irritate” the lips only for a limited period of time. Thus, the lips are going to swell, the enlarging effect being visible to the naked eye. You won’t have to ask yourself how to get kissable lips anymore, but don’t expect for this effect to be permanent. Moreover, you would not want for your lips to be irritated all the time, isn’t that so?

#3 Myth: Your Lips Will Appear Fuller Because The Lip Plumper Contains Collagen

Truth: Even though a lip plumper can contain collagen, this does not mean your lips will appear fuller because of this content. The collagen contained in these products cannot penetrate the protective barrier of the skin, so it cannot reach the structural matrix and repair any existent damage. Do not trust advertisements, as these are meant only to sell a product and honesty is not their strong point.

#4 Myth: Lip Plumpers With Peptides Guarantee Lip Fullness

As opposed to collagen, peptides can go through the protective barrier of the skin. However, this does not mean that they will contribute to the lip fullness. What these active ingredients do is prevent the loss of water at the level of the lips, thus reducing the risk of dryness (dry lips also appear smaller in size). When purchasing a lip plumper, it is important to be aware of the purpose of each ingredient and not to be drawn by false promises.

#5 Myth: Lip Plumpers With Retinol Can Work On Fine Lines In The Area

Truth: Retinol derivatives, such as retinaldehyde, are often added to lip plumpers, being presented as capable of minimizing fine lines in the lip area. However, no studies have been undertaken so far, in order to confirm that retinol-based lip plumpers can actually stimulate the synthesis of collagen. It is for the best to use anti-aging products for such purposes.

#6 Myth: Lip Plumpers Have No Adverse Reactions

Truth: Like any other cosmetic product out there, lip plumpers can have adverse reactions, especially when they are used excessively. The quality of the product also determines the risk for such problems; lip plumpers of low-quality present a higher risk for severe irritation, dryness and even allergies. It is important to use only top-quality products, following the recommendations for adequate usage.

#7 Myth: Lip Plumpers Contain Only Natural Ingredients

Truth: I am sorry to have to say this but there are no lip plumpers out there, to contain only natural ingredients (unless you decide to prepare one in the comfort of your own home). Lip plumpers require lab-based ingredients in order to deliver the lip plumping effect but the good news is that many of them contain plenty of natural extracts.

These are only a couple of myths related to lip plumpers, along with the actual truth. When it comes to purchasing such products, it is highly important to read the label and check out the ingredients. You should also use such products exactly as intended and avoid excessive applications (as these can increase the risk for allergic reactions). Always choose lip plumpers of the best possible quality, so that you are protected against any problem and look fantastic all the time.