New Trends In Interior Design Are Lined Up For You


From color schemes to architecture and home decor, here are the top trends set to define interior design in the year ahead.

Gemstone colors for the kitchen Think emerald greens, rich oranges and earthy reds. Rich, deep colors are big for kitchens, compared to the bright pastel color trends of the last few years. Deep, jewel colors give kitchens a more expensive, upscale look, especially since they go so well with gleaming brass or chrome. Cost does not have to be an issue, however. There are composite surfaces that mimic stones for countertops and backsplashes for an upscale, expensive look.

Wooden furniture in honey tones

Honey-toned Living Space

Honey-toned furniture is becoming really popular again. Furniture designs remain simple and clean but honey-toned wood especially walnut and cherry are being snapped up to furnish various types of spaces, from modern lofts to ranch-style kitchens.

Turquoise Details

Deep Turquoise Perhaps this is a sharp break from all the soft lavenders and greens that dominated home interior design last year. This year, everything is rich and vibrant led by rich turquoise which you will see in everything from wall paint to pillows and upholstery. Deep and saturated colors will blend well with white or cream furniture or decor so a good mix of the two is expected in most interior design showcases for this year.

Glass walls and large, open spaces

Glass Walls

Eco-friendly interior design is making big waves this year just like any other year. Big windows let the light in and this year, architecture is designed to let the outdoors in with glass, floor-to-ceiling windows. Curtains in light colors and thin, airy fabrics will let the light in while keeping the cold out. Sustainable living also means architecture that lets light in while keeping heat in or out depending on the climate, so this means the use of specialized building materials for improved energy efficiency.

Fur and Leather

Leather lounge

Faux fur and leather, that is. Leather and fur are making a big comeback, in keeping with the deeper, richer, more luxurious theme. Fur is going to be an extremely popular choice for modern furniture, from love seats to divans. Colors range from light browns to deep reds and vibrant oranges and greens juxtaposed on plain surfaces in neutrals or whites to make the colors pop.

This is going to be another interesting year for home design. The trend is going in the direction of sustainable luxury which will produce more homes with beautiful and eco-friendly designs.


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