7 Effective Ways to Gain Confidence and Inspire People

7 Effective Ways to Gain Confidence and Inspire People


Improving yourself requires a lot of passion and perseverance. Everyone is tagged as work in progress at some point in life. Some people experience bullying and abuse due to their differences. And for someone who has gone through this situation, the courage you have now is one step ahead of the change you aspire for.

In an article published in 2017, confidence is something people work on to achieve acceptance and self-motivation. It is about owning your imperfections. Improving yourself is a tool to gain the confidence you wanted to have. Here are some things you need to know:

  1. Own your colour. Your colour is the perfect definition of yourself. Owning your colour is being content with what you have and knowledgeable of your own traits and appeal. Your colour represents your presence and how you stand firm against the crowd. Embody what is in you and use it as a strength to move further.
  1. Smile often. No matter how problematic your day is, don’t forget to breathe and smile. Your confidence begins on a lively and widest smile you can offer. For instance, if you have to work something about your teeth, you can always consult a dentist chatswood
  1. Surround yourself with positive people. Some people can help you achieve what you aspire in life. Like how your dentist chatswood does to you, they can give you a positive vibe. Positive people can always direct you to your path, no matter how challenging your life could be.
  1. Read a lot. Just like what you’re doing now, reading makes you more confident facing a lot of people. Dealing with their differences means facing different beliefs and aspirations in life. The greatest takeaway here is to learn from different perspectives from different people as it makes you culturally-intelligent.
  1. Communicate. Just like we always hear, music is a universal language. Practicing communication does not make it perfect, but it will make you an effective speaker and listener. Your empathy and understanding will make you more approachable and easy to get along with.
  1. Be comfortable in every situation. When you are too focused on gaining a lot of confidence, you do not have to push yourself too hard. If you think a particular action will make you suffer even more, it’s not good for you. Limit the things you wanted to try all at once and move according to what you can.
  1. Inspire more people. Sometimes, people who undergone life-threatening or challenging paces on their lives inspire more people. Your perseverance from improving your current ideals and the thought of surviving all of these challenges are the tools to create another version of yourself. Do not be ashamed of what happened in the past, make it a tool to improve and be the best version of yourself.

We are making each and every day memorable because of our own different stories to tell. Though it may be tough for other people to stand tall and firm, improving yourself will never be wrong as long as we keep putting our feet on the ground. At the end of the day, confidence is a tool of our embodied and accepted self that will eventually inspire people.