6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Paintings Online


A lot of people these days have started to buy paintings online rather than visiting the onsite art galleries and exhibitions. Gone are the days when people would participate in auctions to bid for their favorite piece of art. Nowadays this can be done over the internet. Internet has revolutionized the online trading of art. People can get a lot of options while buying paintings online that too without leaving the comfort of their home. But what are the reasons that have motivated art lovers to buy paintings online?

1. It is Easy and More Convenient for Buyers as Well as Sellers

It is easier for artists to make their works available on their websites rather than renting actual physical space to organize and hold exhibitions. This also cuts down on commission costs and middle men charges as buyer can directly purchase from the sellers. This way artists are able to get the true worth of their work without spending too much on promoting and marketing themselves. Young and upcoming artists use this option a lot. They create their websites and through them try to sell their work. For buyers as well, it is easier to browse for paintings online rather than attending exhibitions bustling with people.

2. Emergence of Online Art Galleries

Online art galleries, just like their offline counterparts indulge in trading of various forms of art. The only difference is that everything, right from viewing of paintings to the payment process, everything is done over the World Wide Web. There are no physical limitations of storage on web galleries. Buyers can browse through literally hundreds and thousands of paintings online. They can also buy paintings online through the web galleries. Many web galleries these days hold online auctions as well. So a collector can make online bids, that too by staying anonymous.

3. Free Shipment Handling and Home Delivery

One of the most common problem that is faced by people who purchase from onsite galleries and exhibitions is that they have to carry bulky art pieces themselves. Conventional art galleries provide no option of shipping the product purchased from them. Even if they do, they charge the customers with heavy shipment and handling charges. Online art galleries provide free home delivery. No matter how large or bulky the painting or sculpture is, you can have it delivered right at your doorsteps without having to pay any extra charges.

4. Services of Online Art Advisories

A lot of first time art gallery visitors feel intimidated. Art exhibitions are usually high profile affairs with a lot of people pouring in huge numbers. It is not possible for a layman or a person who has just started to follow art to get a hold of everything. And there are rarely people to help them around. Many online art galleries provide the services of art professional and advisories to help their visitors to understand the piece of art they are interested in, in a better way. A lot of people like to purchase paintings and other art relics for home décor purposes or to gift to someone. They can ask for help from the advisories that are made available to buy paintings.

5. Online Options are Available Round the Clock

Internet never sleeps. A website can be accessed from anywhere at any time. A lot of people are not able to visit exhibitions or auctions because of commitment issues. They have to create time and keep everything at hold in case their favorite artist is holding an exhibition or gallery near them. But online art galleries make sure that paintings of your favorite artists are available and ca be bought anytime you want. With just a few mouse clicks you can dive into the world of art and browse to your heart’s content.

6. Information Resources

Online art galleries serve educational purposes as well. They provide good quality information resources on the website. Sometimes they even invite world famous artists to write a blogpost for their audience. A lot of art students these days like to use the informative materials provided on the online galleries to educate themselves about recent on goings in the world of art.