6 Loft Space Ideas All Homeowners Love

6 Loft Space Ideas All Homeowners Love


Aloft is an open space just below the roof of your home. It is often underutilized, and in many homes is just empty air. But that is a waste of your home’s true potential.

If you create a usable loft in your home, you have endless possibilities for what you can do with space.

We have lots of ideas to help you get inspired. Keep reading for loft space ideas that you can implement in your own home!

1. Create a Home Library

Have you always wanted a space to keep your books? Imagine curling up in an easy chair on a cloudy day in your own home library. Aloft is a perfect space for a mini library.

Install built-in shelves along the walls and fill them with your favorite books. If there is a window in the room, that’s a great place for a chair and table. And don’t forget to install appropriate lighting to make it easy to read.

Literary art and posters can even help you set the mood. If you or someone in your home is a book worm, consider turning your unused loft into a library.

It may seem impossible that your current precarious loft space could ever be a cozy library. But with the right equipment, you can make your loft suitable for daily use. If you want to begin the transformation today, read more here.

2. Install a Walk-In Closet

If you are tired of cramped closets, maybe you should turn your loft space into a luxurious walk-in closet. You can install built-in armoirs with sliding doors to make clothing storage both easy and accessible.

You’ll want a full-length mirror or two in your walk-in as well. This might also be a good place for an ironing board. If your loft space is big enough, you may want half of it to be your laundry room so all of your clothes stay in one place.

This could also be a good space for a make-up table with a mirror. That way, you can get dressed and do your make-up all in one place.

3. Build a Home Gym

How often have you sworn that you would work out more if you had a gym membership? Well, why not just install your own home gym in your loft space? This is one of the easiest design ideas for loft spaces to implement.

It can be fairly simple to build your own home gym. If you have home workout machines like a peloton, this is a good place to keep it. But you should also store your yoga mats, weights, and resistance bands here.

Anything you use to work out, big or small, can be kept in this room. Make sure you have a music dock to play your favorite workout playlists. You should also have a full-length mirror so that you can keep track of your form and your progress.

4. A Luxurious Bathroom

Unused loft space is an opportunity to create the bathroom of your dreams. Planing this will be largely contingent on the plumbing possibilities within your home. But it is possible to build a deluxe bathroom in a converted loft space.

Imagine a big tub and a walk-in shower, a tiled floor, and double sinks. Install some skylights so you get natural light in your bathroom. Before you know it, this will be the most relaxing room in your house.

5. Expand Your Home Office

After this year, more and more people have begun working from home. And as such, everyone is realizing the value of a well-constructed home office.

One of the most important things is space. A converted loft creates an extra room that you can use specifically for work.

Install a desk, sitting or standing, where you can get work done. Then make sure you have good lighting, good storage, and a recycling bin nearby.

It is also important to include things that relax you in your home office. Make sure to hang a favorite painting or get a diffuser for your space.

If you don’t need a home office but you like that idea, think about your kids. Are they taking classes at home? Would it benefit them to have a specific place to do their homework?

Maybe turn your loft space into a study area for children. Creating separate spaces for this kind of activity allows them to focus better and accomplish more.

6. Develop A Craft/Game Room

What hobbies do you have that you can’t get enough of? Maybe you should dedicate a whole room toward these things.

Building a craft room for your art is a good place to start. You can keep your supplies in this space, and decorate the loft in a way that facilitates your creativity.

Or, make it a cozy fun space for your kids. This is one of our favorite loft ideas for small spaces. Board games, video games, and other fun activities are a great way to use your loft space.

Get More Out of Your Home With These Loft Space Ideas

If you have unused loft space in your house, you are missing out on your home’s full potential. Whether it is a home gym, an office, or beyond, you have dozens of possibilities. We hope that these loft space ideas inspire you to get the most out of your home.

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