content marketing

5 Tips To Promote Your Content


Just like everything else in life, coming up with a fantastic idea, product, design or service is just a job half done! You must finish off your project by employing marketing strategies that will ensure that your content spreads it’s tentacles into every nook and cranny of your desired client base or market.

I can guarantee you that there are thousands upon thousands of fabulously crafted, well articulated, content rich articles that are lying idle somewhere, being viewed by very few people, if anyone at all! So,are there any tips or tricks that can help maximize traffic to a certain webpage or blog where you have your content? Yes there are, and in this feature, i’m going to outline a few simple but extremely powerful steps and measures that will help you get perfect scores in your content marketing endeavors:


SEO simply refers to having your content laced with terms and phrases that are most likely to be picked up by search engines such as google. Your content should contain words that your potential online audience would most likely use when looking for something online,for example,if you are a fish monger, it would be best if you listed all the kinds of fish you have in stock, rather than using a general term like ” fresh water fish available”. Chances are that someone who’s looking for “Nile perch”, a fresh water fish, is likely to use that very specific term. Admittedly, it seems rather indirect at first but upon closer inspection it reveals itself as one of the most effective marketing tools around! Make use of it!


This may be in the form of pop ads or sponsored links. Online advertising platforms are engineered to detect which sites are likely to host your kind of clients (readers) and post your links there.


Everyone is using it, from individuals, accomplished writers to major corporations. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most notable ones. Signing up is free and so is creating a fan page. You then invite people to follow you and/or like your page. That allows you to notify them whenever you have new content up! And if you’re not particularly popular among the relevant circles, there’s no need to worry, there are people and businesses that specialize in selling accounts with plenty of active followers nowadays!


Once in a while, go out of your way to post in other peoples threads and blog posts, always leaving a link to your contents site. Make sure it’s something useful and relevant otherwise you’ll pass off as a spammer! If people like what they see the’ll definitely branch off to your link to have a glimpse at more of your content! The opposite will work well for you too, i.e host another content writer on your blog or site and his or her followers will by default find themselves in your site.


Yes,there’s plenty of curious readers to be won out there through traditional means. Try to have your work featured in one of your local newspapers or magazines ( with your online credentials attached ) and i guarantee you that your readership base will expand.