Common Mistakes When Hiring Movers – and How To Avoid Them


Are you planning on moving Montreal residents?  If you are, you may be considering hiring professional movers – and with good reason.  Hiring a moving company makes the often-tedious process of moving much less of a hassle.  But hiring the wrong moving company can cause you all kinds of trouble.  Don’t be the next horror story your friends tell about “that time Jim and Mary moved”.  Be sure you avoid these common mistakes many people make when hiring movers.

Mistake #1:  Hiring the First Company you Encounter

It may be tempting to want to get the ball rolling by hiring the first company you come across.  That can be a big mistake.  It’s important to do your research to find a company that truly fits your needs and one that is reputable.  A great place to start is word-of-mouth recommendations from people you trust.  From there, it’s a good idea to interview at least three different companies before making your final decision.

Mistake #2:  Going with the Lowest Price

Sure, everyone wants to save money.  But simply choosing a moving company because they are much cheaper than the others can be a huge mistake.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why they are so much cheaper?  It’s usually worth it to pay a bit more for extra services like having the company move your furniture for you, or having them load and unload your truck, etc.  You may think these services are automatically included, but it’s not always the case.  Always find out exactly what you are paying for.

Mistake #3:  Not getting Everything in Writing

Hiring a moving company is a contractual arrangement.  They agree to provide certain services on a certain date and you in turn agree to pay a certain agreed-upon fee for those services.  In addition to finding out exactly what their fee covers, it’s important to ask questions and get all of that information in writing.  What kind of insurance do they offer if they damage your materials?  Do they package your belongings for you, or do you need to have everything ready when they arrive?   What exactly does their fee cover?  Have they actually seen your home and given an accurate quote based on how much they will actually have to move?  Be sure you have a written and signed document before you agree to let them touch your belongings.  If anything goes wrong, you’ll need to be able to have some recourse.  A reputable and trustworthy moving company will have no issue with providing you with a detailed list of all of their charges and what their fee includes.  If they hesitate to provide this information to you, a red flag should most definitely go up.

Hiring a moving company can alleviate a lot of the stress that can come along with moving.  But if you don’t take the time to find the right company, you can very quickly find yourself in some hot water.  Protect yourself and make your move as effortless as possible by hiring the right moving company.