5 Tips For Selling Your Old Car


Some people purchase new cars every few years; others drive the same one around for over a decade. If you prefer to keep your vehicles for the long haul but you’ve recently decided to upgrade your ride, it’s likely you’re interested in selling your old car. While you may be concerned that nobody will want to buy your vehicle because of its age, it’s important to remember that there’s usually a buyer for every car. Here are five helpful tips for selling your older model vehicle.

Clean it Up

One of the best ways to ensure you get the price you deserve for your car is to clean it up. While you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars having it detailed, it’s a good idea to vacuum the interior and take it through the car wash. You can also hand wash it if you’d rather not spend the money at the car wash. Taking some time to make your older model car shine like new can help you get top dollar when you put it up for sale.

Get an Estimate of Value

There are a number of websites that allow you to get a current estimate of your vehicle’s value. Consider comparing prices from a few different places to get a better sense of what your car might be worth. This will be helpful information to have as you’re thinking about the best price for your car. It’s also useful to have if a potential buyer wants to negotiate price with you.

Let Your Friends and Family Know

Before you list your car for sale, let your family and friends know you’re planning to unload it and purchase a new car. Someone you know may be looking for a car just like yours. Whether their oldest child recently got their driver’s license or you have a friend who tinkers with cars in their spare time, you may be surprised to learn that there’s a willing buyer right under your nose.

Research Your Options for Listing

In addition to advertising in your local newspaper, there are also a number of other options available if you are planning to sell your car. Many people choose to share advertisements on popular online classified websites. This can help broaden the reach of your ad so that you can find a buyer faster.

Get a Quote From a Local Salvage Yard

Another approach to selling your older model car is getting quotes from local salvage yards. Many businesses are willing to pay fair market value for cars. This is something worth considering if you’ve tried advertising your older model car with little success.

If you have driven your car for over a decade and you’re thinking of buying something new, you may be trying to decide the best approach to selling your existing vehicle. Consider talking to loved ones first, putting an ad in a local newspaper or online classified website, or comparing quotes from nearby auto salvage yards in order to get the best deal. Best of luck with the sale, and enjoy your new ride!