5 Best Benefits Of Eating Organic Meat


Today you have many more choices when it comes to eating a healthy diet. Wherever you live, there are opportunities to benefit from eating organic meat and organic fruit and vegetables – organic meat in particular can be highly beneficial for your health. There are also other advantages associated with organic meat. Find out more about why it’s important to make the right healthy choices when shopping for fresh meat for your family.

5 Best Benefits Of Eating Organic Meat

  1. Organic Means the Highest Animal Welfare Standards

When you choose genuinely organic meat you have a number of assurances regarding animal welfare, according to hungerford shops selling local organic meat. As well as knowing that the animals have had the chance to roam freely, the organic certification also shows that the animals have been treated well with good living conditions, getting the best kind of food, and being free from growth hormones and antibiotics. The rules governing organic meat also demonstrate that animals have been well-treated during transport and there are regulations governing the slaughter of organic meat. Many people choose organic meat because they know that the animals have been treated well during their lives – they cannot be sure of this when the meat does not come from organic or free range sources.

  1. Free Range Animals

When meat comes from an organic source, the animal has had access to pasture when weather permits, and there is always plenty of space for the animal to move around. The animals are allowed to graze naturally and forage on organic pasture. The animal does not have access to food that has been treated with chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

  1. GM Free

When an animal is reared organically, they are not fed with GM crops. Millions of tonnes of GM crops are imported into the UK every year and used to provide feed for animals. If you are looking to make sure that your diet is GM free then you also need to ensure that the diet of the animals you eat is also GM free.

  1. Avoid Antibiotics

It is also important for health reasons that your diet does not include the antibiotics that are routinely given to animals that are not organic. Antibiotics are passed down through the food chain and they cause health issues in society as a whole when they are routinely used when no disease is present.

  1. Avoid Additional Chemicals

Non-organic meat may be full of artificial food colourings, artificial flavours, chemicals, added fats, and other nasty ingredients. In order to avoid these ingredients, an organic diet is healthier and better for you in the short and in the long term.