3 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles


Features dark circles located under the lower lids of the eyes are commonly known as dark circles and tend to appear when we are too exhausted or genetic inheritance. Dark circles are capillary dilation of the skin surface and excessive production of melanin; this is stimulated by the rest lack, widely contaminated environments and often consume cigarette.

Usually people use industrial aesthetic products to get rid of them , because they see something pretty ugly, even it lowers self-esteem of a large part of the population. The good news is that there are home remedies made up of natural products, which do not cause any problems in the eyes, avoiding exposure to chemicals harbored strong enough in such products. Here we show you some of them.

3 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles


It is one of the most widely used in skin health, thanks to lycopene housed in its pulp ingredients; this substance makes it an excellent antioxidant, also becomes conducive to deflate the bags produced by the same dark circles and puffiness.

The home remedy to fight dark circles tomato is composed also by some turmeric and half a tablespoon of lemon juice. This consists of mixing the three ingredients in order to produce a homogeneous pulp, having first completely crushed pulp of a fully ripe and fresh tomato. One time you’ve prepared will apply on the eye area, leaving it to act around 15 minutes, and rinsing with a little cold water.


Milk is fairly healthy, we can not only use their properties during their common consumption, but for topical application to the body’s largest organ, the skin. All this is due to one of the most important compounds having called lactic acid, which is responsible for giving renewed impetus to the skin, and soften completely appearance.

To make a home remedy to help us eliminate dark circles, only we need a few ice cubes and half a cup of milk; both the mix hoping to cool, then, with the help of a cotton apply milk in the area where the dark circles.

Water of Roses

Its use in natural treatments for beauty and skin health is well known for a large number of people, with regard to the elimination of dark circles, rose water is usually not the exception. This strongly favors the fight against the darkened shadows housed under the eyes, besides moisturize the skin present there; such benefits are due to the large amount of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are present.

The ingredients we need to make the most of this natural remedy are some rose petals and half a cup of water at room temperature. Once we have these petals will cut in half the heat in half a cup of water for 30 or 40 minutes, this process must be simmered. Once you have finished let rest and apply it in the affected area with the help of a cotton area.