4 Tips To Avoid Running Injuries

4 Tips To Avoid Running Injuries


Running injury prevention is a very important topic. Running is one of the handiest sports: you can practice it anywhere, you only need a nice weather and a pair of sneakers.  A person who likes sports and they need to follow the healthy diet. Although running is a sport at hand, runners suffer from many injuries – some studies showed that 74% of runners suffer from injuries during training. The good news is that most injuries during running can be prevented. Here are the tips to prevent injuries when you run.

Avoid Running too much

Many injuries result from a sudden change in running : increased intensity, too many kilometers, too fast. It is important to make a progressive progress plan for your training, both in terms of intensity and in terms of mileage. The mileage target of each week should not increase by more than 10%. By gradually increasing your training, Go beyond your limits, but do it gradually and with patience. By gradually increasing your training you will save yourself from pain and frustration and you will still reach your goals.

Proper Running Shoes

Make sure you wear your comfortable shoes or not,  and that you have the right pattern for your feet and your running style. Inappropriate shoes can aggravate existing problems, causing pain in the foot, knee or hips. improper footwear is the leading cause of typical running injuries. Be careful about such details – you can get rid of a lot of headaches and pain.

Find the Right Surface for  your Workout

Once you’ve found the right pair of sneakers, you want to make sure you use it on the best surface.  Avoid the concrete surface as much as possible: it is about 10 times tougher than the asphalt and is considered a terrible surface for running. Smoother areas are recommended, such as grass or land. Grassy Land is also important because a sudden change on a new running surface can cause injuries. so try to find a line with straight curves and straight paths.

Run easy 

One of the biggest mistake from runners side is that they are running too fast in the early days. That linked to the stress to your legs. Easy and slow run helps you to feel gentle and allow you to hold a conversation. also helps to maintain healthy heart.