Amex Credit Card Bill Payment: Easy Billing Within Your Reach

Amex Credit Card Bill Payment: Easy Billing Within Your Reach


In all walks of life, when you have been piled up with excess of bills giving you nightmares, don’t you think is the time to pay off at the earliest. Well, the better option is to go online. Consider the option of choosing your Amex Credit Card Bill Payment within a click of a mouse and that too within the comfort of your home.

Grab the instant benefits available on American Express Credit Card that will help you out to benefit from the payments you make. Rejoice yourself to earn fabulous offers like reward points, waiver in fuel surcharge, rebates in airlines and hotels, gift vouchers or cash back facility. Moreover, a dedicated customer care representative will always be within your reach for answering all your credit card related queires 24 hours a day for all your lifestyle related requirements.

American Express Credit Card Eligibility

The following details are required to obtain American Express Credit Card:

  1. The age of the applicant should be over 18 years.
  2. The applicant should have a good credit history with no default payments.
  3. Provide the evidence about your company’s active operations for atleast 18 months in case you are a self-employed applicant(or 12 months if you are an existing member of American Express Credit Card).

American Express Credit Card Bill Payment

  • American Express Credit Card Payment Online

Looking forward to find convenient means for paying your household bills? Whether electricity, house tax or water bills—furnish the evidence of your credit card details such as 15-digit American Express Credit Card number and payment amount by just logging onto the website of American Express Credit Card. Select your bank in order to proceed with payment processes. Once you confirm your payment processes, a status generated message will get popped up in front of you which states that your online payment has been successfully received.

  • American Express Credit Card Payment NEFT

Wish to take National Electronic Funds Transfer(NEFT) for settling your Amex bills online? Simply follow the 3-step procedure in order to settle out all your payment processes:

  1. Visit the website of your online bank account.
  2. Obtain your American Express Credit Card Registration done as Payee
  3. Select to pay through NEFT facility for clearing your all payments instantly the very next day.

Afterwards, fill out the following details which are required to get registered from American Express Credit Card as a Payee.

  • Payee Name
  • Payee Account Number(consisting of the last 13 digits of your Card number)
  • Bank Name
  • Payee Account Type
  • IFSC Code
  • Branch Address

Moreover, initiate your funds transfer process before 4 pm in order to get credited on the very next day to your American Express Credit Card excluding Sunday and banking holidays. Also, don’t miss out to enter your authentic Card number so as to prevent any transaction failure.

  1. American Express Credit Card Payment Drop Box

If you don’t want to go online, you can also settle off your payments locally. Just by getting the facility of drop-box, you can drop your signing cheques near your neighbourhood. Walk down to any of the American Express-India-Customer Service-Drop Box Locator portal and select your city and area, to locate the nearest drop box. Just visit the address and drop your bills along with signature cheques in the drop box.

Types of American Express Credit Card

Choose your best American Express Credit Card from a vast array of credit cards that are available on the portal of American Express Bank. Enlisting the cards as below:

  • The American Express Platinum Card
  • The American Express Gold Card
  • The American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card
  • The American Express Platinum Credit Card
  • The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card
  • The American Express Make My Trip Credit Card
  • The American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

American Express Credit Card Customer Care Number

Wish to explore the vast suite of American Express Credit Cards? Contact your experienced customer care representative to have your own American Express Credit Card for all your requirements. The phone numbers are listed for each credit card as below:

American Express Platinum Credit Card: 1800 419 1255/1800 180 1255/91-124-2801444/91-124-4650244

  • American Express Gold Card: 1800 419 1120/91-124-2801111
  • American Express Gold Credit Card: 1800 419 2122 / 91-124-2801122
  • American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card: 1800 419 2122/0124-2801122
  • American Express Make My Trip Credit Card: 1800 419 0691/0124-2801002
  • American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card: 0124-280 1418/1800 419 0167