4 Things To Look Forward To On A Graduation Day

4 Things To Look Forward To On A Graduation Day


After all the hard work and thorough training in a complicated degree program, graduation is the reward that every student dreams of and looks forward to. It is the day when four or somewhere three years of hard work come to an end with a reward which is not only worthy of celebrations, but a moment of proud feeling as well as an accomplishment which will go a long way for a bright future. There is no student on earth who will say they are not looking forward to the graduation day. It is also the day when students usually see their university as an official member of the student body for the final time and after that they will be termed as former students or more respectively called an alumni.

There are lots of preparations and hard work that goes on in preparing for the graduation day as it comes nearby. The completion of thesis assignment, finishing and submitting university assignments, submission of final reports, sitting in final examinations and waiting impatiently for final results, after everything is done and dusted then comes the big day. The day when students will receive that prestigious student robe and a degree to hold on to. Overall a graduation day is full of exhaustion and feelings, today’s academic blog will talk about four things that students should expect and look forward to on the actual graduation day.

An All Day Ceremony

Graduation day will be a busy one for you, which is why the celebrations of being a graduate go on to another few days. On the graduation day, top institutions usually arrange a ceremony inviting all the graduate students and their parents to sit through and watch their favorite ones get the degree. The ceremony will be scheduled sometime in late noon to early evening and will go on till late including the graduating dinner. This is the event which is special to every student and goes down the memory lane forever. This is the day after which many students might back to their own country and will not see their friends again.

Emotions and Exhaustion

Graduation is a highly emotional phase; it is the moment where student will soon realize their academic life is more or less over. It is the time to move on to a new chapter of life. It is also a time where students separate from each other being friends. They have spent so much time together, and now for some it will be almost impossible to see them again. There will be lots of pictures and sharing final moments. So overall it is a very emotional and exhaustive day for students.

Experience of a Lifetime

Sitting through the ceremony and getting the degree is an experience in itself. It teaches students lessons that are to be taken seriously. For example, the reality of life and how it changes overnight from one phase to another. They also learn how important was their academic struggle that has made it possible for them to get to this day.

Hold the Degree and Be Proud

Finally, on this day, you will be holding that degree in your hand, for which you have invested three to four years of your life, lot of money through your financing options and lots of compromises.

Life After Graduation

On the graduation day, you will get the teaser of how life will be after the graduation. You will get the feeling of having to attend no classes, getting worried to find a successful career making job and being responsible in your actions even more than you were. The title of a graduate will snatch the title of being a student from you.

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