12 Online Adventure Games That You Can Play To Keep Boredom At Bay

12 Online Adventure Games That You Can Play To Keep Boredom At Bay


When we think of the word “adventure,” the next word that comes to our mind is “exciting.” The adrenaline rush, the struggle, and the sense of achievement; who doesn’t love a good adventure?

While real-life adventures may not exactly be possible at all times, there are virtual alternatives available like online games.

Considering the current global crises that we all are facing, online games can serve as an essential tool to kill boredom without needing to step outside of our houses.

Research suggests that gaming helps expedite a sense of autonomy by giving players freedom of choice as well as a meaningful narrative for completing tasks. They also generate a feeling of confidence, progress, sense of achievement, and relatedness.

Today, video games have evolved massively and have incredibly advanced graphics, riveting plots, and are an absolute treat to play. Entertainment has never been more accessible, economical, or enjoyable.

The following is a list of twelve online adventure games that you can play to keep boredom at bay.

  • Genesis-AD

Earth’s resources are diminishing, and a new planet has been discovered to meet the needs of humankind. Set in the year 2231, Genesis AD takes you on an adventure into an unknown world crowded with aliens that do not consider outsiders their friends.

Colonizers from Earth are ready to take what they need with them despite the cost of alien life. However, a group of fighter emerges to resist this plunder of their resources. This new group fights to sabotage the mission of the Earthlings in an epic, one-of-a-kind adventure.

Every capable fighter must choose their side to decide the fate of an overpopulated and resource exhausted Earth. Genesis AD is the perfect virtual getaway if you love Avatar or simply fiction.

  • Planet-Calypso

Planet-Calypso is an action-adventure game set in the future where you play a human colonist’s role on a distant planet inhabited by aliens. This game involves exploring and area of 1500 square kilometers and developing more than 200 unique skills.

The game also features an engaging storyline. After five years of war with an invading robot enemy, restoring peace and prosperity on Planet-Calypso still seems intangible.

The deteriorating economy has resulted in the advent of industrialists to capture Calypso’s precious land, whereas soldiers are left to hunt and mine for their survival.

In this game, you can create a unique storyline on Planet-Calypso and interact with other players from all around the world.

  • Lost-Saga

Lost Saga is a game that everyone must play for its stunning animation and characters. You can choose from a list of 23 great heroes from time and space in this game. Each hero has unique skills and will bring you fortune and fame, thereby enabling your team to progress.

  • Dirty Split

Dirty Split is an adventure game created by Dreamagination Entertainment. You play the role of an investigator named Alan Baxter, who is trying to solve the murder mystery of a plastic surgeon.

Although short, Dirty Split features crisp and stunning graphics, a gripping storyline, and good voice acting. This game is the perfect adventure for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  • S4-League

S4-League has made quite a huge fanbase for itself all over the world. This 3D shooting adventure game requires players to fight together and against other players in different gaming modes. You have to equip your character with three weapons and a supernatural skill to win.

S4-League not only comes with stunning graphics but a great storyline and excellent strategic gameplay as well.

  • War of Angels

War-of-Angels is a game in which you can pick your fighter from a long list of characters. While playing the game, you can immerse yourself in an alluring universe of detailed and captivating graphics. It is a perfect amalgamation of Asian flair and Western conventions.

In the War of Angels game, you will get the chance to control winged creatures for combat on water, land, and air. Take your battles to the skies and become a warring angel.

  • League of Legends

League-of-Legends is a fantasy adventure game in which players fight against one another in teams while controlling their champions. Every successful session earns the player special experience points that they can use to their advantage during gameplay.

A game that has earned a reputation for its incredible graphics, League of Legends, is virtual escapism at its best.

  • Savage-2

Savage-2 presents with an FPS and RTS hybrid, creating a unique gaming experience. Set in the ancient days of the Lost Civilization, in this adventure, you can choose your side: man or beast. You will get access to 16 units to build your civilization, thereby enhancing your abilities and skill set.

  • Battle Forge

Battle-Forge is another fantasy adventure game in which you can fight against evil with your friends by your side. In this fantastic game by EA Sports, you can do anything from causing storms and wildfires to breathe life into legendary creatures, spirits, and heroes.

The spells, building, units, everything in the game is depicted by cards that you can trade with other players. Perhaps the liberty to assemble your army yourself is what makes Battle Forge so special and so well-loved by the masses.

  • Old MacDonald Farm Adventure

Old MacDonald Farm Adventure is a game by Unlimited Gamez Mo. This adventurous yet relaxing game is perfect for kids to learn about animals and plants while indulging in gameplay.

In this game, kids can take part in activities like playing with the farm pigs, moving the cows, greeting the farmer and horses at the stable, or taking the sheep into the barn.

While it may sound uneventful, Old MacDonald Farm Adventure sets a unique gaming experience that is extremely relaxing.

  • Loong

Set in ancient China, Loong: the Power of the Dragon is a fantasy adventure game where you can discover mysteries surrounding the nine cities amidst your quest for the legendary Dragons.

The legendary Dragons are the forces of good that once ruled the Earth. You may find the remains of these powerful spirits in deep dungeons and use them to achieve unparalleled power and strength.

Loong has dragons and swords; how could it possibly not be fun?

  • Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pirates-of-the-Burning-Sea is a game that features action in the high seas. Find yourself on an adventure with plunder and pirates. In this game, players can choose to belong to one of three nations, namely Spain, France, or England, or choose to be a pirate like the legendary Jack Sparrow.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to adventure games, you have a sea of options to choose from. A good adventure game is the perfect mix of everything, including an engaging plotline, attractive graphics, and a unique gaming experience.

These games are the ultimate way to keep boredom at bay as they provide you with the most exciting virtual escapes. Try them out for yourself. Trust and believe, you will never want to go back.

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