Wood Cutting Service: Understanding The Basics Of Interior Trim Work


The trim basics when carried out from the beginning to the end properly can be regarded to be the best way to have the miters tight. With some tips and suggestions, it becomes possible to learn how tight joins and sharp corners could be made crisp while installing three piece baseboard, window trim and door trim. With some patience and basic carpentry tools, a room could be trimmed out to satisfaction in just the weekend. The two important trim techniques, coping and mitering also can be mastered with some practice.

Guide to Carrying Out the Activity Effectively

The first initiative to be taken in this direction would be gather all the necessary materials and tools that is required for undertaking this activity. Following the basic steps can help to install wide trim around window and door, all complete with the mitered corners. Also, a built-up baseboard can be placed made from three molding type combination. In case, the miter saw is being rented, the several scrap pieces re to be cut to get the tool’s feel before cutting the trim. It is wise to have spare blades present before starting the wood cutting service, to avoid visiting the hardware store, in case, the existing blade breaks. The other tools that would be required are basic ones like a tape measure, combination square and a sharp pencil. Also, a wood file is necessary to fine tune the joins. A round file, known as rattail file can be used to fit the tight curved profiles along with combination half round /flat for other trims. As a world of caution, the miter saw is loud and powerful. Therefore, the individual should ensure that his hands are kept away from blade and to wear safety glasses and hearing protection at the time of using it. Using an air-powered finish driller really can help the entire process to speed up.

In case, saw dust is not the problem for the individual, then it would be better to have the trim cut inside the room, where it is to be installed. It is likely to reduce greatly the legwork and to save plenty of time. The miter saw is to be set up in the floor’s middle having lots of room on both the sides. The floor is to be covered with tarp for preventing scratches and scuff marks. Blocks of similar height to be used as miter saw table for supporting long trim lengths.

Prefinish to Save Time

On getting the trim home, paint it or sand and stain before installing it. Finishing the trim becomes easier before installation and also to get a better job done. After installing the pieces, it is important to be prepared for touching them up.

In case, the individual finds the going tough, he can rely on professionals like Cworkshop to do the job. Having done proper research is sure to help the individual to undertake the task effectively. If the individual finds he is not confident or may waste the whole process, then it would be better to leave it to the professionals to handle it.