Why Student Houses Prove So Popular Over Private Halls


Once you have made the decision about which course you want to take and the university you want to attend, it is equally important to choose the right accommodation for you as it could completely change your university life. Depending on what you are at university for, there are different types of accommodation to suit everyone. Maybe you’re going to focus on your studies so need somewhere quiet to work independently with no distractions, or maybe you also want to enjoy the university lifestyle and meet other freshers. University and private halls both have their advantages, however student housing always proves to be the popular option for everyone and we’ve teamed up with Lancaster student accommodation provider, Yellow Door Lets, to find out why.

If you are a fresher it is likely that your University will try and sell you their student accommodation, and there is no arguing that it is ideal accommodation for some people. You are placed amongst hundreds of other freshers and it is usually situated on university campus or close by so is very convenient for rolling into uni after those late nights. This sounds like a great environment for a fresher, however after a few months when the novelty finally wears off you still have to share a bathroom and kitchen with several other people and there is very little privacy at any time of day.

With rented student housing there are far more long lasting benefits which you will certainly appreciate, especially if you are no longer a fresher and moving from university halls into a student house. Choosing who you are going to live with in the house is a huge benefit for more reasons than one. You can socialise with your friends and people you get along with in a more independent and private environment, you can live with people who have similar views on cleanliness and tidying and also living with people on the same course can be beneficial to your studies and work.

As i mentioned, student housing is a much more private and independent way of living at university. The rooms are more spacious than in student halls where you have the freedom to make your space more personal, and you are also usually provided with a double bed. On top of this you will have access to a living room area where you can socialise with your friends and house mates. You are usually provided with a social room in university halls, however this time you don’t have to share it with hundreds of other students so you can watch television and hang out with your friends as you please. You will of course still have to share a bathroom and kitchen, however with far less people in the living space they will both be far easier to maintain and have access to.

Student housing can be rented by any student of any age, and you don’t necessarily have to know who you want to live with. Maybe you are just starting university and want a more private living environment but don’t yet know anyone in the area or university. There will be plenty of other people in the same situation as you looking for house mates so there will be no trouble finding a suitable student house for you. Although student houses aren’t on your university’s doorstep like with student halls, they are often a short walk or bus ride away keeping the route quick and easy for your morning commute. It is your decision where to choose to live along with who to live with, so you can personalise your uni experience to suit your needs. There is no wonder that student housing is far more popular than university and private halls, so start your search early for next year in order to find the best house for you and your friends.


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