Flavours of La Historia Cigars

Why EP Carrillo La Historia Cigars: Reviews 2015


Established by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, EP Carrillo is a relatively new addition in the world of cigars. Though it is only five years into operation now, the brand has made a mark for itself with flavorful and good looking cigars on offer. The latest offering from the brand La Historia too promises to be no different. Here is a review to help you decide on this one.

Launched in August last year, the La Historia is the first box-pressed cigars from EP Carrillo. Dedicated to the supportive family members of Ernesto Carrillo, La Historia is one cigar that can easily leave its competitor behind by sheer good looks. Available in three unique sizes; El Senador, Dona Elena and E-III, the EP Carrillo La Historia is surely a cigar to look ahead for.

Stunning Good Looks

Why EP Carrillo La Historia Cigars: Reviews 2015

As mentioned before, La Historia is one of the best looking cigars you’ll come across. The dark chocolate colored wrapper with a few delicate veins and superbly soft steam gives it a soft and sophisticated look. The cigar features two intricately detailed bands in red and gold. The foot band is of a bright turquoise color that adds to the overall appealing looks.

Overall Information

Apart from the captivating good looks, the La Historia is also a solid cigar with smooth wrapper and earthy aromas. While foot region presents a mixture of cocoa, molasses and earth aromas, the body gives out hints of earth and cocoa.


Why EP Carrillo La Historia Cigars: Reviews 2015

If you are a fan of mild flavorful cigars then this one is made for you only. The aroma of EP Carrillo La Historia is truly a flavorful one. The first third of the cigar starts with the notes of graham cracker, wood and earth. Light and smooth, the flavors are to be savored while relaxing. There is also a hint of white pepper that gives you a nice surprise toward the finish.

The second third is actually a riot of flavors that is going to make your time memorable. With a bunch of wood, floral notes, graham cracker, nutmeg and clove mixed with white pepper, this cigar is going to take you on a roller coaster ride of flavors. One can also find a hint of buttery taste. Flavors really build up and towards the end, it stresses upon the peppery and sweet details.
The last or final third actually builds on these flavors only and most stresses on sweet notes. Here the flavors get really intense.

To sum up, La Historia can be termed medium in terms of strength, but when it comes to flavors it falls under the category of Medium to Strong due to its intense flavoring. Although, judging by the wrapper one may expect some chocolate and coffee flavoring, surprisingly these flavors are absent.

Smoking Details

La Historia gives you a smooth smoke and last below 1 hour. Creating plenty of smoke, the cigar gives you a really exquisite smoking experience. The only thing that many be drawback for this line of cigars is probably the loose ashes. The ashes do have a tendency to loosen up and fall, so you must keep the ashtray handy while smoking.


La Historia is quite moderately priced and thus can be enjoyed more frequently. Certainly an excellent choice for everyday smoke, this line by EP Carrilo is sure to develop a grand fan following.

To sum it up

The exquisite design, finest quality San Andrews wrapping, Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers and perfect Ecuadorian binders, makes the La Historia a fitting homage the family of EP Carrilo. Mild and robust at the same time, sweet and peppery at once; this is one cigar that’ll take you by surprise. But with the exquisite flavors on offer, you’ll surly not complain.