When Other Things have Failed, Try A Hot Tub!


It’s a well known fact; a substantial number of the British population are suffering from stress and anxiety. You’d think that our lives would be so much easier than our parents and grand parents, but no, this does not seem to be the case. We no longer have to do the washing by hand. We don’t even need to peg the washing out to dry but can load it into the tumble dryer and it will be dry in next to no time. If you fancy a jacket potato, you don’t need to wait an hour to cook it in the oven but can use a microwave oven instead and it will be ready to eat in minutes. So, why are we all so short of time when you don’t even need to venture out to the supermarket for your weekly shop?

It could be that our standards are now far higher than those of our parents. We all want to be the best at what we do and provide our children with opportunities that we didn’t have, but all this extra pressure can really begin to take its toll and our health can very easily suffer as a consequence.

If you pay a visit to your GP, what are they going to do? They will naturally discuss the options with you but will most likely recommend you take an anti-depressant such as Prozac. This form of treatment works for some but for others the side effects can be much worse than the original problem. Bad nightmares, feeling cold, paranoia and feeling out of control are some of the things you may experience so if there is another way of treating it then have a go.

Hot tubs are fast becoming the way forward for treating a variety of conditions. We found this through our own experience having purchased one recently from www.aquawarehouse.co.uk. They help you relax, lower your blood pressure and bring about a general feeling of well being. Using a hot tub regularly can often reduce the need to resort to prescribed medication and the great thing is, they don’t have any nasty side effects. They are certainly worth a try.


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