What Are The 4 Ill – Effects Of Smoking?


Even a single puff of cigarette does harm to the body. Today smoking is one of the biggest causes of death the world over. It is so injurious that it not only harms the user but also those who are in the near vicinity. That’s the reason that most of the countries have banned not only the advertising of tobacco products but also the smoking in public places. The simple logic is that why should others suffer because of the bad habit of an individual. The statistics justify the hard decisions taken by different Govt. the world over because smoking is estimated to have killed over 100 million people in the 20th century and the way the things are going, this figure could be near a billion mark by the end of the 21st century.

  1. Smoking is Habit Forming

Once the person gets hooked to smoking, it is very difficult to quit. Rather the craving for smoking keeps on increasing with the passage of time and the activity which is started by the youngsters normally as a style statement becomes an addiction. Even after knowing fairly well that each puff of cigarette is creating more & more problems in the body, the smoker is normally not able to quit smoking. Also there is a big possibility of the smokers to switch to other forms of addictions like marijuana, cannibal or even higher forms of drugs in search of more kick because most of such drugs are smoked through cigarettes only.

  1. Smoking Affects Others Also

Smoking is one bad habit which affects the family of the user directly as well as indirectly. Whereas the finances are eaten up in the purchase of cigarettes, the other major side effect is that all members of the family of the smoker become passive smokers unknowingly & unwillingly because the smoke exhaled by the smoker gets inhaled by the people in the near vicinity of the smoker. The scientific studies have confirmed without any element of doubt that passive smoking is as dangerous for the health of the humans as active smoking. Therefore a smoker is putting his or her entire family at risk of developing smoking related health problems.

  1. Smoking is Injurious to Health

This is one warning which is prominently displayed on every pack of cigarette because it is established beyond any element of doubt that even a single puff of cigarette brings harm to the body. The deadly chemicals produced in the smoke of the cigarette create many problems and diseases in the human body. Starting from appetite loss to causing a dreaded disease like cancer, the cigarette can cause immense damage to the smoker.

  1. E-cigarettes are Only a Lesser Evil

A smoker who wants to reduce the nicotine intake or quits smoking altogether, electric cigarettes are a better choice because there are lot of choices available so far as nicotine content is concerned. The e-cigarettes are available in almost 15 flavors with zero, low, medium and high nicotine content.