Wearing your Pajamas in Public?


We are witnessing a growing trend in people wearing their pajamas in public. The explosion of athleisure (which turned sweatpants into everyday clothing), turned around the concept of how casual clothes could get. Pajamas have become a normal part of our weekend wardrobes.

Using pajamas as regular clothes are common on college campuses on Saturdays and Sundays. This trend is becoming mainstream (according to sales patterns, surveys of consumers, and my personal observations).

People and the fashion industry want to experiment by repurposing clothes according to their own tastes. The boundaries of acceptability have expanded to new levels.

Actually, this is not a new trend. It has been here for the past few years. But it was visible only for the enlightened ones. Consumers tend to adopt this new dressing style. Gucci, Lanvin, and Dolce & Gabbana – all of those high-end labels push fancy pajamas for non-sleep use. They state that this look is perfect for a holiday party or for when you visit the mall.

Those types of luxury pajamas can be quite costly. But I believe mainstream consumers will find their own way of wearing pajamas. There are many inexpensive options that may be a fun way to play with clothing. Click here to check some interesting options.

A full head-to-toe pajama outfit can be really challenging to wear in public. But rules change, due to consumers’ desire to feel more comfortable. Here are some facts backing this whole “wearing pajamas in public” idea:

  • If you want to show the world your true self, sleeping clothing is a perfect way.
  • Pajamas are stylish and at the same time comfy. They are truly practical. One of their features is they are machine washable. Isn’t that cool?
  • You can experiment and make whatever crazy combinations you can imagine.
  • PJs are the most comfortable garments ever. By wearing a set of pajamas you can practically do whatever you want because you have no restriction. This feeling is divine.
  • Pajamas are trendy right now. By choosing to wear them outside your home you make yourself interesting and somebody who stands out of the crowd. Please, don’t be like the rest!
  • There are so many options from which you can choose the perfect pair of pajamas – robe sets, nighties, shorts set, nightshirts, jumpsuits, pajama sets, nightdresses, and so on. You can pick a suitable pair for every season.
  • You can use them for a variety of occasions – for sleeping, lounging, or parties.
  • Pajamas can be pieces of art. That is why they are part of high fashion.

Wearing your PJs in public is very brave and shows your interesting and different type of thinking. By doing this you make a bold statement about your persona. Pick a pajama set, that is comfortable and you really love. It is true, that the main purpose of clothing is to protect us, but it also has to deliver emotions that can impact our day-to-day life.