Vietnamese Port Cities: Ho Chi Minch & Hoi An


Vietnam as we see it today is much influenced by the French colonial rule. The French architectural style and other embellishments of the city bear witness of the colonial rule till date. Thus, the ambiance of this country is typically a mixture of French and Asian cultures. The port cities where the French colonies first started are the best destinations to experience this cultural fusion.

Ho Chi Minch is not only the largest city of Vietnam, but it also carries the history of being the erstwhile capital of the French colony here. Thus, this affluent seaport city presents a perfect blend of 17th Century French architectures and the bustling Asian culture. So, if you are in the country and want to savour the cultural mix at its best, a Ho Chi Minch city tour is the best way to do so.

Another city, though smaller in size that can offer you the same nostalgic charm is Hoi An. Also a port city with a significant French influence, this city seems to take you through a time warp and land you straight into the 17th century France.

Thus to understand and appreciate Vietnam, these two cities should be in your must visit destinations list.

Here are some activities, apart from the regular sightseeing that’ll give you an insight into the life and culture of the both the port cities of middle age Vietnam:

A Private Tour through Ho Chi Minch City

Vietnamese Port Cities: Ho Chi Minch & Hoi An

The best way to explore this middle age city is to take a private tour through it. The tour will take you through the mysterious Cu Chi tunnels and make you visit Tay Ninh, the home for unique Cao Dai sect. Visiting the Cao Dai, a spiritual sect that was born by mixing Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Christianity, will give you an insight into the spiritual life of the city.

A Visit to Ben Thanh Market

Vietnamese Port Cities: Ho Chi Minch & Hoi An

To capture the spirit of Ho Chi Minch, the Ben Thanh market is the best place to visit. Teeming with life, this market offers you an array of items, starting from sweets till fresh fruits to spices and even the deadly Vietnamese specialities such as scorpions in alcohol. You can also buy some exquisite souvenir items from here.

A Day Tour in Hoi An

Hoi An Tour can prove to be as fascinating as the Ho Chi Minch City Tour. The old town has been declared a UNESCO heritage site unique blend of French influence and local traditions. The city presents a one of a kind experience of a 17th century port town. You can explore the magnificent temples and pagodas here through a day tour around the city.

Thu Bon River Cruise

Thu Bon river cruise can be an exquisite experience here in Hoi An. The river remains the life blood of the city and an ideal cruise through it can provide you with an awesome panoramic view of the entire city.

Food Tasting

In both the cities, you must try the local Vietnamese food. Famous for its exquisite flavouring and delicious taste, you’ll seriously miss out on the gastronomic joyride if you leave it out. You can go for a street food tour in both Ho Chi Minch and Hoi An to sample the local delicacies.