Valuable Picture Hanging Tips


Buying picture frames from online vendors has become easy, as these companies use popular web designing agency like Excida to create a user friendly website. Many picture frame site owners include blogs too, so that consumers get guidance on the type of frames available in the market, tips to frame a photo, etc. Online picture frame vendors deal with home improvement accessories as well, and they make every possible effort to keep their website visitors informed.

Having said all of the above, let’s now understand how you could beautify your home, using the picture frames bought at online framing service. Valuable picture hanging tips will ensure that the space you desire to hang the stunning artwork is ideal. In addition, the hanging is done appropriately.

Valuable Picture Hanging Tips

Ensure that the artwork and wall size complement one another – Just imagine a small artwork on huge empty wall and an outsized wall art on a small blank wall. Placement imbalance totally disturbs the artwork beauty. Therefore, make sure to create a perfectly sized artwork in accordance to wall size.

When hanging photo frames over the stairs – Hanging a single photo frame on the wall adjacent to the stairs then use floor height to determine the altitude to hang. For a group of photo collection buy similar frames and hang them in cascading style, so eye level stays steady, as you go up or come down the stairs.

Majority of times centre your art – This rule is appropriate, when you desire to hang art over a dresser, couch, or bed against the wall. If the artwork is not centered over any furniture piece, it may look out-of-place. In case, there is space between 2 windows then not centering may look odd. If there is nothing directly below the art then position it anywhere on the wall you feel it will look right.

Take care over furniture – Small photo frame hung too high above the furniture will look weighed down and too big will appear totally lopsided. In addition, make sure that the artwork is not hung too high because the eye will be attracted towards the gap instead of the picture.

Avoid hanging frames on every wall – One wall free of picture frames will allow guests to pay attention to the other decorated ones. It is not necessary to hang each and every photo frame you own. Store them away carefully, and rotate with the already hung ones whenever you want a change.

Some Don’ts –

  • Avoid hanging art on walls, which receive direct sunshine or buy UV protective glass
  • Select hardware like nails that are strong to support heavy picture frame weight

These are just a few wall hanging tips. You could also visit a few of the websites that offer picture frames and check out their gallery, in order to learn more about how to decorate your walls. These online vendors hire professionals for website development, which allow them to upload as many picture as they want to, and thereby making it easy for the visitors to get clear idea about how to use picture frames at home or in office.


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