Understanding Figurative Art Paintings and Its Relevance


Figurative Art, also known as Figurativism is a form of art that signifies a real world image, including the depiction of humans and animals. Figurative paintings have been famous since ancient times.Figurative artists are world renowned as it is not an easy task to make Figurative art paintings. There is no scope for errors or mistakes in this form of art painting. The art involves a lot of imagination and creativity, it is not an easy task to be an Abstract artist. It is also said that human bodies are the most exploited areas in a painting, be it an erotic female painting or muscular male paintings.

Figurative art paintings are famous across the globe. This form of art can take one way back to the ancient times. For instance the Khajuraho group of monuments in India. The Khajuraho temples represent great artworksdedicated to lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Jain patriarchs. These sculptures are famous all over the globe and attract visitors from every nook and corner of the world.These incredible group of monuments were built way back in the 11th century. These erotic figurative art paintingshave caught worldwide attention as it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. People from different parts of the world visit Khajuraho to see the incredible artwork of ancient times.

Figurative art paintings have always impressed art lovers as some of the paintings seems real and other depicts the reality of the life. These paintings capture the movements when there was no photography. Some famous Figurative artists include of Asit Kumar Patnaik, Charles Willmott, Escha Van Den Bogerd, Anthony Barrow, Sophy and others. Asit Kumar Patnaik, is one of the most renowned figurative artists in India. His masterpieces are admired by various art lovers around the globe. He has received awards at provincial and national level. He is known for his notorious master series called ‘Relations.’ His work can be found in various Indian art galleries and other countries as well.

Another famous figurative artist is Andrew Wyeth. His work called Christina’s world was very popular among others. The painting depicts his neighbor who was crippled by polio diseases. This masterpiece made Andrew world famous and he became one of the most popular American painters of the 20th century. His work is very realistic and noted all over the globe.His art is being displayed in various art exhibitions, art galleries and other places around the globe.

It is not only the figurative art that takes one attention, any art that depicts realism can grab art lover’sattention. This is the reason why many online galleries has been emerged allowing art lovers to buy and sell their paintings. These online platforms enables artists from all over the globe to connect to the mass audience. For many artists, it has become a medium to earn their living.

Points to beconsidered when seeking to buy figurative art paintings:

  • Before buying a painting, know the artist: If you are buying a painting of any artists, it is good to know more about the artist who made it. You should know the things like where artist lived, what is his renewed work, his era of paintings, etc. It is also important to know about the awards, prizes and honors that the artist has received.
  • Know the importance of the art:Before buying any painting, you should know the importance of the art. Compare the art of your interest with other art and also find reason behind making the art/painting.
  • Know who owns the art and its history: You need to find yourself about the significant of the art and get to know who ownsit. From painting owner, you can find the significance of the art and everything he/she knows about it. Find out what art represents or if the art has won any awards, etc.
  • Price Fair: Before buying an art, do a little research to know the worth of the art. Whether it is a good investment or not. Do the little background research on painting’s previous sale. Find out art’s auction results for attest 10 records.