Undergraduate Study In The USA

Undergraduate Study In The USA


Selecting a good college for an undergraduate degree in the USA is both easy and difficult for the reason the list of such colleges is huge. But before you go by selecting different colleges, it is important to know the undergraduate study system in the USA. You can go for either a two years undergraduate program or four years undergraduate program. Depending upon the time you wish to spend in the country and your requirement, you can select your best undergraduate courses in USA.

Two years undergraduate program

There are almost 1,000+ undergraduate colleges in the USA. These are known as community colleges or junior colleges. These colleges are governed by a special division of the state universities. Also the local special districts, under the guidance of state agency, govern the colleges.

Two years undergraduate program is mainly an Associate degree after which you can go for the 4 years bachelors’ degree. One can go for this degree in both arts and science. Also, some institutes are there that offer associate degrees in other varied subjects such as computer applications, etc. Also, the associate degrees known as the professional degree are available after the completion of which one can join some companies as a professional.

To acquire an associate degree, one needs to complete 60 semester credit hours. It takes 2 years for completion of this degree. Mainly 3 parts are there in the entire course-

  • General education requirements
  • Requirements within major which is a concentrated study area
  • Electives

There are a number of colleges that offer both two years as well as 4 years program in the same campus. Hence, individuals going for the Associate degree do not have to search for another college later on for 4 years degree. Also, there are a number of other institutes which have a link with colleges offering 4 years course so that students can directly enroll in such colleges.

Four years undergraduate program

Almost 2,000+ colleges and universities offer thefour-year undergraduate program. Last year approx. 1.3 million students attained this degree. The degree attained in 4 years undergraduate program is commonly known as College Degree.

The four years undergraduate program is also known as the bachelor’s degree and comprises of 128 semesters credits. Among these 128 credits, almost 60 credits are from the 2 years Associate degree. Students are supposed to study a number of subjects from different variants such as arts, science, humanities, mathematics and many others. After the completion of 2 years with all these subjects, the students can select the major subjects depending upon the interest. In these 2 years, the subjects added to the student curriculum will be of the subject that he or she has taken as major.

Some of the options that students can get here as the best undergraduate courses in USA are abachelor of fine arts, bachelor of social work, bachelor of engineering, bachelor of science in public affairs, bachelor of philosophy, bachelor of design, bachelor of architecture degree and abachelor of Philosophy.

It is very much important to select your major subjects very carefully because based on these subjects; you will get your higher studies and also will opt for a career in future.

If you are willing to pursue an undergraduate degree in the USA, it is important to understand the pattern of education in the USA. Knowing and understanding the undergraduate courses will help you in selecting the best college and course for you.