Travelling To South Italy: Some Facts About Ragusa and Some Sicily Myths


Pozzallo is a little town in the province of Ragusa, Sicily, Italy.

Area:    1494 square kilometers

Coordinates: 36°43’59.88″N, 36°43’59″N, 14°50’60″E , 14°50’59″E

Country:  Italy, Sicilia

Population: Around 20,000

  • The region of Sicily has beautiful black-sand beaches, a suitable volcano to ski on and desserts to help the sweetest mouths and it has about eight thousand folks in the catacombs of Palermo, to keep you awake at night.

  • The people of Sicily often have a darker complexion, with stronger facial features, than many mainland Italians, reflecting the presence of Phoenician and Arab ancestry among the island’s population.

  • Mafia and mob games exist in Southern Italy just as it is with every other nation worldwide but Tourists will hardly ever be touched directly by mob violence. Visitors are valued and respected by the indigenes.

  • In conventional times, Sicily was the star of Magna Graecia, Greater Greece. Valley of the Temples, in the southern city of Agrigento is where the ancient world comes most vividly alive on the island. The ancient city, Akragas, outdid Athens in its grandeur but may also have been a kind of New York of the ancient world. Currently the remains of the Doric temples within the Valley, another world heritage site, are among the largest and best preserved of all ancient Greek buildings.

  • For desserts, please blame the first Arab settlers, who spiced up Sicilian cookery with citrus fruits and cloying sweets. Their bequest is cassata, a cake filled with ricotta cream and decorated with almond paste and candied fruit. The Sicilian nuns, put away in convents with little to do but pray and bake cakes also contributed to the sweeties. In Modica zone, sweet pastries combine chocolate and meat in a surprisingly tasty blend. The Sicilians are also as sweet — sometimes as cloyingly sweet as cassata.

  • Skiing on a volcano is a delight here. If you love this, then the two ski resorts, Rifugio Sapienza and Piano Provenzano on Mount Etna’s flanks are your ski spots and you can ski down the north face of the volcano and jump over lava bumps.

  • Mummies are emotional and engaging attractions here as the dead are very much still family in Sicily, and these “mummies” rites practiced on the island until 1881 sought to keep them looking more or less alive for as long as possible. About 11,000 embalmed Sicilians are now on display to the public in the underground vaults. Among the mysterious is “Rosalia,” a child with a face that looks scarily perfect, 90 odd years postmortem.

  • Some of the loveliest beaches are on the tiny Aeolian Islands, to the north of Sicily and here you’ll find thick black beaches, a bequest of volcanic activity and sand dunes split with rust red seams of iron. And on the mainland, the spotless white sand beaches can be seen around the city of Ragusa, to the south. click Pozzallo

And the Sicilian wine is still amongst the world’s top best any day, anytime.