Transformations In The Indian Market: Offline to Online

Transformations In The Indian Market: Offline to Online


For the last few years, the Indian retail market has been undergoing a significant digital transformation. Before the digital transformation, the Indian market was hugely unorganised and offline. Today, several retail players are adopting online marketplaces to sell their products. 

According to the Fiscal Year 2020, the net worth of India’s retail market is $600 billion, where E-commerce contributes only 5% of the total. On the other hand, in the US, E-commerce contributes around 15% of the total worth. 

Many retail players are taking their businesses online using digital marketing strategies. Many modern technologies, internet, and mobile devices have made it possible for customers to find companies and vice-versa. There are several digital marketing agencies available that can help retail players shift their businesses from offline to online. You can opt for the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore

The offline market grew at 20% and has contributed to India’s $900 million worth market. On the contrary, online sites and services, like Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, and Swiggy, have expanded exponentially than offline retailers have done in the past decade. If retailers have an online presence, they can reach customers irrespective of geographic area. They can contact delivery networks and deliver products to the customers. 

For instance, consider a local retailer in Noida selling sarees. People from Noida can buy sarees offline, visiting the shop. But, people living in remote areas will not know about the retailer. If that retailer has an online presence, people from distant regions can order sarees from the local retailer of Noida. Therefore, the local retailer can expand the saree business through a digital marketing agency. The retailer can consult the best digital marketing agency in Noida that will take the business online. 

For many local retailers who sell non-essential things, online presence has become the need of an hour amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, retail players are looking for digital marketing agencies to bring their brand online. Through the digital transformation, retail players can adopt different new business strategies rather than sticking to one. You can look at the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore. 

In this internet era, people are most convenient for online shopping. They can see the desired products, read their descriptions, view ratings and reviews by sitting at home. Additionally, they visit more than two or three sites for shopping a single product and then decide to purchase from the one having higher ratings and good reviews. This is the reason why many local retailers have shifted their businesses from offline to online. In online businesses, retailers receive ratings and reviews from customers, which will help them improve and grow. 

Another advantage for customers that online retailers provide is they provide product’s tracking details, 24/7 customer service, and return & refund facilities. Also, many websites offer discounts. Due to these facilities, people are more attracted to online shopping. Therefore, if local retailers have an online presence, they can attract customers to their brands by providing better facilities than competitors. 

Through the digital transformation, local retailers can reduce their expenses of the physical space, electricity, salesperson, etc., required for the offline business. Online trading requires less investment and can start right from home. Once your brand gets known to customers, you will need extremely fewer expenses to run your business.  


Online business or trading has become a new norm these days. When local retailers adopt online platforms, they can get more opportunities to grow and connect to customers from different regions. Taking the local business online is not extremely tough. You can connect to the best digital marketing agency in Noida to help you boost your brand’s presence online.