Top Tips To Help You Arrive On Time


Being on time does not seem to come naturally to some people. No matter how good their intentions, something always seems to happen to spoil things and they end up rushing or being late yet again. To those who don’t suffer from this problem, it may seem strange that something so simple can cause so many problems; after all, surely the solution would be to set off a few minutes earlier.

It All Starts Off Well

If you’re like me, it all starts off well. You get out of bed when the alarm goes off, but after that it all seems to go down hill and before you know it your bus has sped past and that’s it; late again. So, how can you prevent this from happening over and over again?

Think back to the events that seemed to cause you to be late. Did you have to race around looking for items of clothing? Did you make your lunch before you set off? Was the clock in the kitchen slow and you thought you had plenty of time? These are all events that could have been prepared for or prevented and with a bit of thought your life could be far easier

Prepare The Night Before

Why not get your work clothes out before you go to bed? You’ll know then that everything is to hand and getting dressed will only take a few minutes from then on.

If you normally take a sandwich for lunch, it won’t come to any harm if you prepare it the previous evening and keep it in the fridge but it will save so much time the next day. And finally, why not treat yourself to a decent Radio Controlled Clock for the kitchen wall? It will be precise to the second and will automatically adjust itself to and from British Summertime when the time comes. You’ll never need to set the time again and can rely on it to be accurate each day meaning you’ll have no excuse for being late in the future.