Top 4 Wedding Videographers In India


Wedding videography is a rather common exercise in India and has been in practice for long. Even in the villages, people hire a cinematographer to record the functions. However, most of the recordings are amateurish documentation of some moving people performing rituals or simply attending the do. Fortunately, wedding videography in India has greatly evolved in the recent years with the new-age cinematographers taking the job of recording marriages to the level of an art form. These videographers, armed with high-end equipment and latest technology, are able to create masterpieces that tell a compelling story. Rich colors, beautifully captured emotions and a free flowing storyline – a modern wedding video is nothing less than a feature film.

Here is a list of a few very talented cinematographers in India who can effortlessly capture a wedding or a pre-wedding love story video:

Memories: Vadodara-based Memories is backed by photographer duo Rahul and Prakash Tilokani. With a large team, these two renowned artists create awe-inspiring wedding stories which their clients treasure forever. Prakash was the pioneer in bringing digital wedding photography in India. His unobtrusive approach lets him capture the most candid moments of his subjects. Rahul, on the other hand, enjoys the versatility of each wedding and loves capturing the plethora of emotions that rule every moment. The duo has shot many celebrity weddings and is a well-known name among the elites.

Fotosutra: When an IT professional from Kolkata, Prasanta Singha was bitten by the photography bug, the city’s much sought-after studio Fotosutra was born. Prasanta started wedding photography in 2011 and soon left his comfortable 9 to 5 job to follow his heart. His passion for the craft has fetched him many awards and accolades from big names like National Geographic, Nikon, Epson etc. and his work was displayed in many national and international exhibitions. No wonder his clients love to call him ‘memory maker.’

Yadhu Photography: Karthik R. Yadav is known for his daring and gravity defying candid wedding photography, which is a hit among young couples. He and his team in Chennai always strive to find beauty everywhere, which may not be visible to ordinary people. An award-winning photographer, Karthik’s strength lies in his attention to each detail, which helps him capture even the most subtle moments in a wedding.

Clickmehul: Pune-bound photographer Mehul believes that human eyes can find beauty in everything with a little shift in perspective. He says, the art of photography has the power to remove darkness from our heart. Since he founded his studio, Mehul has been witnessing the increasing preference for candid wedding photography and videography in the country. People are no longer satisfied with only their reflection on films. Rather they want their wedding photos and videos to capture their true emotions and tell a story. Mehul finds photography to be an extremely powerful tool which can provide anyone a time travel to the past.

So, these are a few best wedding videographers in India. If you need more info or choices, please visit today.

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