Top 3 Parental Control Apps: Parents Need To Know


The use of internet along with the social media is very common in the current world.  Thousands of different kinds of tech devices have been invented within the last two decades. People use the digital media at regular basis; it’s been integrated with the human’s DNA.  The technology in the shape of smartphones, tablets IPads, and other digital computers has gained the popularity among the users. Most importantly the youngsters are obsessed with the modern technological creatures. They use the electronic gadgets for the sake of social messaging apps along with the texting, messaging, chatting, group chatting, voice calls and audio and video conversations. The rain of social messaging apps is at their peaks such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Yahoo, Tinder and many others. Therefore, young teenagers are the most effective community due to the invention of the modern technology in the shape of digital media. Teens use their smartphones in order to use social media frequently all day long without realizing that this would have serious and harmful effects on their health. The harmful effects could be physical and psychological.

When parents come to know the dangers of the modern technology has then they start chasing the solutions in the shape of parental control apps. There are following top three parental control apps which can help parents to prevent young teens from frequent use of modern technology and digital media.

TheOneSpy Parental control app:

TOS is stands number one among the parental control apps having the best and power full parenting control features along with the affordable price. It has more than 130 features and it is also enable to track the all top social messaging applications. The application is game changer; parents can easily monitor each and every single activity such as texting, chatting, messaging, video and audio conversations, calls, file sharing and other internet activities which young kids and teens can do on teir smartphones. The parental control app has plenty of great features such as Bug their phone, Spy on calls, Internet Browsing, Track GPS location, view multimedia file feature, keystrokes, spy on messages and many others.

The parenting control software app is the best guardian of kids and teens and indicates their parents with accuracy and with efficiency when running anything wrong on cell phone devices. The application is develop for the sake of serving humanity to the fullest.

Norton Family Parental Control App:

Now parents can make a check and balance on their kids and teens online. The Norton Family parental control app allows parents to monitor all the activities of teens and kids perform online on their smartphones, tablets, and computers and on IPads. Parents can easily set parental control app browser and also can do bookmarks of the frequent use websites and apps, history and thumbnails as well. Parents will be able to prevent all the possible dangers online such as over sharing of pictures and it also guides young kids and teens to perform appropriate net surfing on their smartphones or on anything else. The Net family parental control software provides parents best facility and groundbreaking solutions having the best tracking features to prevent the obsession among the kids of social media and other online inappropriate activities. The parental software has quite unique and effective features such as web supervision, instant locks, text messages spy, location supervision features. every parent who is worried about kids and teens who are addicted to smartphones and digital networking should install this parental software.

Screen Time Parental Control App:

The screen Time Parental control app is one of the most popular parental control software, parents can easily screen time of their kids on their tech devices. Parents are enabled to fix the time on a particular website and on instant messenger and can easily control it. When the time acceded the application automatically stops working. They can also make a check on all the activities perform on the web. Parents can also block the inappropriate websites and apps on their kid’s devices.