TOP 10 Best JUICE BARS In Pittsburgh Area


Pittsburgh is rich in juice bars and different healthy drink establishments. So, if you are interested in healthy snacks when traveling through Pittsburgh, you should stop your car at the entrance of one of these extremely healthy places. Even if you are in a hurry it is enough to take some healthy juice to satisfy your hunger and continue your trip. By the way, you can get on the trail of something really tasty, whipped and mashed, made of ripe fresh fruits, homemade almond milk, berries, vanilla, chia, and flax seeds. It is cooler than coffee and healthier than popular protein drinks.

How to find the way?

Visiting Pittsburgh becomes more pleasant when you are traveling by car. Budget in Pittsburgh airport welcomes you with a variety of vehicles, including family SUVs, full size and economy cars, and even minivans. Budget is your perfect travel partner as well. So, don’t miss your chance to simplify your transportation problem. Stress doesn’t make your healthier!

Smoothies @ something-market



  1. Check REED & CO

Traveling through the Pittsburgh neighborhoods you can find a beautiful place to stop and take some superfood. These delicious eats will make your day. REED & CO has much to offer, including cold-pressed juice and different smoothies. Don’t worry if you are hungry. The restaurant offers vegetarian burgers, beans, and many more popular gluten-free dishes. Just follow them on Instagram and be ready to try their newest menu items in the first ranks.


This is the place where you can taste different kinds of juices. How about smoothies, healthy shots, and detox drinks? Ask everyone, the juices you can find in SALUD JUICERY are the tastiest in the area. Of course, most of people come here for detoxing programs. Check out their special detox offers and try different tastes of juices.

  1. Improve Your Health in PITTSBURGH JUICE COMPANY

Everyone in the country knows that the local Juice Company makes the best juices in the area. You should try their 100% organic drinks made of ultra-healthy fruits and ripe vegetables. Take just one glass to boost your day. If you want to make your life even healthier you can visit their Yoga Factory in the same building.



  1. Buy Fresh from FARM JUICES

If you want to try high quality cold-pressed juices made of healthy organic ingredients you should check Farm Juices. By the way, they have many shop spots all over the city and suburbs. It is better to check their website and visit the juice spot near you. Try lemonade! It’s super -fast and refreshing.


If you like fresh drinks, you can take then blended, squeezed and cold-pressed. DELANIE’S COFFEE can give you any kind of beverage you can imagine. Yeah, you heard it right. You can also buy hot drinks. Looking for coffee, you can only expect for a caffeine-free hot or cold drink. Do you have some free time? So, take your chance to boost your energy with a healthy coffee and enjoy the local artwork at the walls around.


Welcome to KAHUNA BAR! This is one of the most popular places in Pittsburgh where you can try fresh-pressed juice. They are real healthy bombs for your body! The names are also impressive. How about some classic Green Giant? Or you can try their BIG RED smoothie. They mix different juices and tastes and make unique cocktails.




This is a cafe where people can find some delicious snacks even on the go. You’ll go crazy for their organic delicacies and the whole menu. Oh, the menu is huge and you need some time to learn it! You are recommended to order a Steel City Sunset. This is a combination of healthy ingredients and natural sweet components. By the way, you can luckily find something for snack and drink at the same place.


Welcome to the place of super healthy and supernatural shots. Obviously, the juices are cold-pressed and pocket-sized for convenience. Don’t worry if you have a sophisticated taste and always looking for something special. You can find everything you’re drinking in GREENLIGHT JUICE.

Green vegetable smoothie with parsley celery and mint


  1. Check CLEAN JUICE

It sounds attractive, isn’t it? You can find these popular restaurants all over the city. They offer you something healthy to drink and bite. They are aimed to give you much energy, health, and low calories. Their toasts and smoothies are tasty. This is where you realize that detox can be tasty. You will never be disappointed if you stop your car at the restaurant entrance.

When you are traveling you are recommended to drink much water. Also, it is important to have a pack of clean drinking water in the car boot. Mind these healthy drink spots if you suddenly feel hungry. Fresh healthy shots and tasty smoothies can help you to stay healthy and well-cared for the rest of the day.