Tips For Throwing An Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Your Kids

Tips For Throwing An Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Your Kids


Being an eco-friendly parent can sometimes be challenging, but if you decide to teach your children some great values, it’s all going to be worth it in the end. From the early pregnancy days, there are many challenges you’ll face if you wish to remain sustainable while doing some basic stuff. But being sustainable is easier than you think and with a few planning tricks you can achieve all your goals and still keep nature’s best interest in mind. Planning an eco-friendly birthday party may sound like a difficult task to tackle, but here are a few tips that will help you organize a great party where your guests won’t be able to tell the difference.

Start with invitations

Are you one of those people who throw away invitations or do you keep them? Even if you’re among the latter, you probably keep just a few but you don’t even know where they are. Living in modern times has some benefits and sending a fun email you can spice up with different animations, pictures of your children or even a video of your kids inviting their friends to their party can be a great way to save some paper. This will teach your children about the importance of not wasting paper on something that can be done in a much better and more innovative way.

Tone down the decoration

Tips For Throwing An Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Your Kids

Even if you feel you need to cover your entire house with different decoration pieces, most of the children won’t even notice it because they’ll be too busy playing. Invest in some reusable pieces you can use every year and just add a few new touches every single tim. Use old newspapers for confetti, sew table cloth from your old sheets, and make an interesting pattern in the middle. Use things you can find in nature for decoration, such as cones, pumpkins, fruits, and branches to create a seasonal atmosphere everyone will love.

Bring the cinema to your home

If you want to do something amazing for your kids’ birthday party, think about setting up a small outdoor cinema in your backyard. You can make popcorn, get some blankets and pillows, and play all your kids’ favorite cartoons and movies. You’ll need the perfect outdoor TV and opting for one will ease your plans. Make sure you plan breaks so kids could switch places or stock on food and drinks and plan a special video before you bring out the cake. This can be a great way to create something special and enjoy the small recap of your memories.

Unique gift bags

Tips For Throwing An Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Your Kids
When it comes to giving gift bags to your guests, you can be unique and conscious at the same time. Use eco-friendly bags and fill them with all the things your guests can reuse in the future. For example, a bag of seeds is a great way to spread the word about organic food and taking care of something, which will teach them how to be responsible. In addition to that, you can even make birdhouses and take some time during the birthday to have all the kids color theirs. This could be a fun activity and a great gift everyone can take home. Buy different pots and encourage the children to paint something for their mothers or grandmothers and include a small flower in the gift bag.

Bring games for fun

Children simply love playing sports and organizing a sports event at a birthday party will be the best way to have all the children participate. Parents love to use this opportunity to have their children try different sports and this could be the perfect timing to see if your child will like golf. This is becoming popular among children and there are numerous benefits behind this sport so you will be surprised by all the new coordination skills your child will adopt.

Don’t use plastic

Consider paper plates or the ones you have at home and talk to children about different types of materials and why it’s important to try and reduce the use of plastic. The same goes for cutlery, so just use the one you have and make sure kids don’t scatter it all over the backyard. To make everything fun, use glass jars that children can write their names on or tie different colored strings to know which one is theirs.

Just because you’re throwing an eco-friendly birthday party doesn’t mean it won’t be the best party you could throw. With a little bit of imagination and work, you’ll create the best scenery and your kids won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s important to show them that even things like parties can be done consciously, and establish some great values.