Time To Get Fit: Top 10 SPA and Health Centers In Lisbon


Lisbon is the Western European capital, the architectural pearl of Portuguese. The travellers like this city for many reasons: local colors, unique atmosphere, tasty cuisine, close ocean and soft climate. Lisbon is situated a hill. The city is compact, so you have a great opportunity to see the most interesting places. Don’t you believe? This is also a great chance to use other city preferences, like health centers.

Float in

This is a special kind of SPA. The personnel are friendly and polite. The standards of service are high. From the moment you come, you are impressed of elegant interior and music background. The center offers lots of SPA- procedures. You should try special ritual Zen SPA for two. This is a good chance to relax before or after your journey. The work is well-organized. The guests cannot meet each other in the hall. So, looking for massage, relaxation and take-care procedures – welcome to the Float in center.


Terra Heal – Outdoor Wellness & Health

The personnel are experienced masters. You can visit this place every time you come to Lisbon. The range of procedures is wide: massage of all kinds, yoga, SPA-procedures. Start with the easiest procedure – back massage. It takes about 20 minutes for 15 EUR. The massage is high-quality and effective. The territory of this health center is surprising: coffee, tea, wooden interior. You feel safe and relaxed. The personnel speak good English. It is very convenient and informative.

XXI CrossFit

What do you know about cross-fit? Welcome to the cross-fit center not far from the city center!  The building is spacy and well-equipped for hard training. It is really easy to get there by public transport. If you drive a car, there is a free parking inside. Do not worry. If you know nothing about cross-fit, you may start right here. So, it is time to get fit!


Meet a little cozy studio of physiotherapy. It is comfortably situated 5 minutes walking from Roma metro station. The specialist of the center use different methods to do your back, neck and other parts of the body. The results are not long in coming. The most important thing for all patients is correct treatment. You are prescribed just those procedures that you really need. There is nothing better than effective result. People come here for health, but not only for beauty.

The Beauty Bar

You may always enjoy your being here. The beauty bar is the best beauty establishment in the district. The position is rather comfortable and the personnel are polite. Speaking about procedures, you should try wax therapy. The feeling is amazing. The equipment is professional as the specialists are. Everything is clear and sterile. It is really safe here. Actually, you can walk around to learn territory and surrounding area. The Beauty Bar is recommended to visit, especially if you live in the same hotel.

Koh Thai

Are you tired from running from one place to another? You definitely need some rest. Staying is Lisbon for a couple of days you should not miss your chance to come here. The experts are competent. Having some doubts, you can learn feedbacks in the internet. This center is very popular, placed in the commercial center of Lisbon. There is a big hotel near here. You may have the most amazing massage you have ever had. There is nothing better than professional Thai procedure. Which of them do you prefer?



Just making the first step in the territory of massage center, you feel that good massage is what you really need. The first impression is positive. The territory is clean and shiny. The personnel are friendly and polite. What about massage? The massage procedure is much better that you could expect. You feel relaxed and fresh in the end. It is a good experience in Lisbon to better your health and well-being.

Melu Beaute et Esthetique

You can think of your health beforehand. If your hotel is not well-equipped to think of your beauty, it is better to find a right place on your own. The range of aesthetic procedures is wide. Choosing waxing, for example, you will get fast and painless procedure instead. That’s great! It speaks for itself. The personnel are competent specialists. You can trust them to the full. There is a good tradition, to visit the center of beauty and aesthetic every time you coming to Lisbon!


Antonio Campos Holistic Massage Therapist

Antonio Campos is a popular massage therapist in Lisbon. Everything around makes you trust this place. The interior is light and pleasant. The decoration is elegant. There is quiet music everywhere: mix of relaxed sounds and classical music. The massage therapist knows everything about massage. That redounds to his honor. The specialist is well-educated experienced master. His methods are really effective. It works! You should not speak about your problems. Your body speaks for itself.

Ritual Spa

This is the best professional place in the city. You fell relaxed from the moment you come. The atmosphere impresses you for the rest of the day. This is the right place in the center of the city to relax and forget about your touristic problems. It is time to make a break. The list of SPA-procedures is impressive. There is a recommended ritual – Absolute Spa. The procedure includes a full complex of massage complexes to take of your body and face. The aromatic massage is also worth attention.

Rama Day Spa

As you can see, the simplest way to visit at least three of these all health centers is driving car. Rental car services in Lisbon offer attractive prices and variety of services. The most of SPA-centers has their own parking place. Of course, you can use public transport. The simplest way to pay for transport services is Lisboa Card. You may use it to pay for bus, metro, trams. The card is active for 24 hours from the moment of its activation. Just think, the daily ticket for bus and metro travelling costs 4,10 EUR. It’s unbelievably cool!