Things To Be Aware About A New Type Of Birth


Caul birth also goes by the name of coul. It points to the fact that a membrane goes on to cover the face along with the head of a new born infant. This is rated to be an extreme rare form of birth and babies who are born in this manner are stated to be born in a shirt. When the mother comes across a caul it might seem a lot frightening to her, but you can confer the fact that it is harmless and the doctor or midwife can go on to remove it with ease. The tragic part is that 1 out of 80,000 babies are born in this manner which itself points to the occurrence of a rare event. An alien and a strange appearance are provided to the baby.

So it would not surprise anyone of us that a lot of interesting stories do float around this type of birth. As per the medieval Europeans they did consider it as a sign of good luck. If the baby had a caul it would mean that the baby would achieve something great in the days to come. This was if the caul was red or for the matter white. If the caul was black in colour then it would indicate a sign of bad luck. There was another school of thought that baby who had a caul over their face would never drown as well. Ideally it meant that you are protected from drowning. So it points to the fact that sailors would go on to pay a lot of money in the hope that they would never drown. Till date all these thought process holds true in a country like Russia. Though you can confer the fact that no specific reason holds true to assume these superstitious, but at the same time it is worth considering that many people are indeed born with a caul. The name that springs to the mind in a split second is Napoleon.

At the same time not each and every culture does consider it at a positive level. For example in the country of Rome, a caul sometimes would replicate a vampire after death. This would be even if the person went on to live for a long time as well.

All the calls do not have the same tissue type. Generally you will come across the fact that most caul are made from amniotic sac. It would be formed where in a piece of amniotic sac breaks away from the head of the baby. Then it would attach itself to the head or for the matter the face of the baby. You can go on to remove the amniotic sac in an easy manner. At the same time the doctor can pull it from the skin of the baby. In certain cases you do hand it over to the mother as a token of appreciation. The En caul birth works out to be a different type of birth.