The changes that appear on the skin when you are pregnant


There are skin issues that pop out when you are pregnant. In fact skin disorder medicine while pregnant is suggested at all counts. Even though doctors suggest safe pregnancy skin disorders medications, you need to be aware about the various types of skin disorders when you are pregnant. Let us now explore some of the common skin disorders during pregnancy.

Pimple along with acne

Most pregnant women tend to notice pimples on their skin when they are pregnant and sometimes this could be even before pregnancy. With a gentle face product you can clean up your face on a regular basis. Just pay a visit to a dermatologist to tell him that you are pregnant. Any skin cleaning products that is incorporated with oats is considered to be the best face cleaning product. Do keep away from deep peeling products as the skin does appear to be more sensitive during the tenure of pregnancy.


Some areas may experience a degree of darkness. Mostly it is seen in the region of areola or nipple. This occurs shortly after birth and once the baby is born. If there are freckles on the fact you can expect it to darken whereby new spots could emerge.

Stretch marks

Studies do point to the fact that nearly 90 % of women do possess stretch marks during the last stages of pregnancy. The inner layers dilate during pregnancy and this does appear the main reason behind it. They take the shape of red or white lines in the abdomen, and it may emerge on the hips or the breasts. With the passage of time they heel and go on to become a silver white lining. This makes them clearly visible.

Skin tags

There are harmless extensions of the skin and it could be a lot darker than the skin colour. They do appear in a lot of areas in the body and this includes the neck, genital area , armpits, breasts etc. the worst part is that does not fade away on its own after pregnancy and you can remove them by cutting during the process of pregnancy. A dermatologist goes on to do it as it does take a few minutes.


Have you noticed the yellow or brown spots on the skin where a discoloration of the skin takes place when you become pregnant. You can term them as masks of pregnancy. This is termed as the appearance of dark spots around the  eyes or the nose and this could even be the cheeks. The main reason why they tend to emerge is because of the pregnancy hormones. Once you give birth the impact of pigmentation is going to fade away and the skin is expected to go back to the normal levels once the pregnancy is over.

Spider veins

The main reason why you tend to find them during the course of pregnancy is due to increase in the functions of the circulatory system along with the hormonal changes.