The Best Ways To Enjoy Your Vegetable Soup


There are plenty of reasons to eat lots of vegetables. Apart from being healthy, vegetables also add texture, colour and taste to your food. Everyone likes to eat food that looks great, smells great, tastes great and provides lots of nutrition. Vegetables fall under that category. Cooking vegetables might seem boring to some people but here are some tricks and tips that can make cooking vegetables delicious and enjoyable.

If you are making a dish which is actually a dish based on meat, never try to substitute the proteins of meat with texture proteins of vegetables and leave rest of the dish unaltered. This will not give you the taste of both. A nice way to enjoy vegetables is to make a soup.

When you are cooking a vegetable soup, you should follow three basic things to make your soup delicious. The first thing you need to include in your vegetable soup is the oil. Even those who prefer eating low fat food, their body also needs fat for better metabolism. Adding oil to your vegetable soup will be a great way to enhance the flavour a vegetable soup. You can sauté some vegetables of your soup such as onion for an enhanced flavour. Use oils that are healthy and are liquid when kept at room temperature as they are good for health for example olive oil or grape seed oil.

The next ingredient that you should use in your vegetable soup is salt. Although, you can use any type of salt for your soup yet sea salt can really enhance the flavour of the soup to a great extent. The sea salt contains a lot of natural minerals and is better than those processed salts that contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives. It is better to use salt during cooking instead of waiting for soup to be served. Adding salt during cooking makes a lot of difference as chemical reactions during cooking can easily absorb salt and can enhance the flavour of the soup.

The last tip that can enhance your vegetable soup is to include lots and lots of vegetables in your soup. It is impossible to over-do vegetables in your diet. Take different coloured vegetables to add colours to your soup. Use leafy vegetables like spinach, chard, lettuce along with some root vegetables like potatoes and carrots and then add some vegetables with seeds such as zucchini. This will create a nice tasty and healthy soup for you. The best way to cook your soup is on a gas stove. You can easily buy kitchen appliances online in India and gas stove is one of them. Gas stove offer better control and even cooking temperature, which helps you in cooking healthy vegetable soup in lesser time easily.

With above mentioned cooking tips, you can easily enjoy the health benefits of vegetables and that also in a delicious way.

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