The Benefits of a Weekend Getaway

If you think that you cannot afford the time or cash for a vacation, consider a weekend getaway instead. The benefits of time spent in a different place are essential to your health and well-being.

Our Brains Crave Changes in Routine

Spending the weekend at home, pursuing your usual hobbies, may sound like the ticket after a rough work week. However, consider whether a change from the usual routine might work better at rejuvenating you. Research indicates that new experiences contribute to a long and healthy life. Humans are wired to notice and learn from changes in the environment. For this reason, researchers often test babies’ perceptions of the world by first allowing infants to habituate to one stimulus and then observe behavior changes when another kind of stimulus is introduced. As we grow into children and then into adults, we remain curious about new things.

Reconnect with Partners

Organizational consultants recommend that nonprofit committees, corporate boards, and employee teams plan routine retreats outside of the normal work setting. The change in venue from the usual environment is intended to break people out of habitual patterns and stimulate innovative thinking. Likewise, a temporary relocation for the weekend can bring new dimensions to your relationship with your partner. You may find it easier to work on breaking old patterns with time in an unfamiliar setting.

Easier Logistics

If your company is stingy with paid time off benefits, taking a Friday and a Monday off from work provides the benefits of a four-day break without the same hit to your leave bank. You will arrive back at work on Tuesday feeling almost as good as if you had taken a full week off. In addition, frequent long weekends may be more helpful in preventing burnout than an occasional longer vacation.

Plan a Getaway Package for Affordability

Often, packages that combine lodging and activities cost less than these items purchased separately. In addition, knowing that one company is managing the details reduces stress and leaves you freer to enjoy the weekend. Popular options include ski resorts, casino packages, and adults-only beach retreats. Consider the possibility of stay and play golf packages Arizona style. Golf is a sport that lends itself to a variety of fitness levels. A few clubs do not have to take up much space in your car’s trunk, and often facilities will rent equipment to you. As long as you keep a reasonable pace of play and do not annoy the group behind you, you can comfortably chat with your partner.

Consider a weekend getaway for health benefits. Check out packages that will make your plans affordable and pack your bags!