Test Driving a Car


Having gone through a long process of choosing a car, you must know almost everything about it – what is under the hood – horsepower, cylinder engine, transmission, cargo-carrying space, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, audio system, you name it. You know everything, but only in theory. But theoretical knowledge is not enough to be satisfied with your purchase and not to bitterly regret about it in the future. You have probably already guessed that in this article it will go about test drive. This service was specially invented to let the customer feel their future “friend” and “assistant”, see how it “behaves” on the road, whether it suits all the demands. By the way, it is always great to test drive some vehicle from the line-up of Mercedes-Benz C-class or Volvo even if these cars are unaffordable to you. At least you now know what to strive for.

So, you’re looking forward to this moment and you are about to hear the brakes screeching and the car roaring, but we have to stop you on this stage, sorry. The matter is that if you want to make the most of test drive, you should know how to prepare yourself for this all-important experience. It is also necessary to be aware what to keep track of when taking a new car out for the first time.

Before communicating with a dealer, you should know for sure what exactly make with what specifications you want to buy and correspondingly to test drive. Do not agree to drive other options as they will not give you the right image of a car.

Although you are determined to turn the key as soon as possible, you should cool down a bit and start examining a car first. Inspect it thoroughly before purchasing not to regret later. Pay attention to safety features such as the number of airbags, curtain airbags, adjustable seatbelts and active-safety electronics.

If you are planning to transport children, bring them along and let them express their opinion about a new car, especially amenities in the back seat.

Take note of the small features like storage cubbies and cup holders, a trunk (if it is easy or difficult to operate, etc. though these things are less important than engine power, they will influence your driving mood. If these small things really irritate you, it is better to opt for another make.

Even if you’re not a gizmo geek, you know that electronic gadgets play a great role in our daily lives and your car must live up to modern requirements. Bring your iPod or iphone along to check connectivity, how good the stereo sounds, how easy it is to control the device. Bluetooth wireless connectivity would be a plus if you do not want to be fined for talking on the phone while driving.

It is very important to have all the display screens easy to view and operate.

It is necessary to check the climate-control system, in particular, how it pumps out hot and cold air.

Carefully examine the quality of the sun visors, glove box, and seat upholstery. Even such details as the sound of the closing doors counts as well as the operation of the shifter.

Of course, it totally depends on the car, which details you are going to examine more thoroughly. Hardly even Mercedes-Benz used will irritate you with the sound of a shifter so that you’ll have to refuse to buy it. Nevertheless, it is always wise to think twice before taking such a serious step as buying a car.