Sorry Sight? 5 Signs You Might Need LASIK


If you have to wear glasses on a regular basis, then you could benefit from LASIK surgery. This safe procedure has been around as we know it today since 1990. However, it actually traces its roots back to a surgery in 1948 where the cornea was sculpted to correct vision problems. Before you buy another pair of contacts or eyeglasses, here are five indications that you may need to invest in LASIK.

You Wear Out the Warranty on Glasses

Some people are just harder on glasses and contacts. If you’re constantly losing contacts or having to buy new frames, then you can avoid the expense by going with LASIK surgery. Whether your glasses get broken by rambunctious children or because you’re always taking them off and setting them down to give your eyes a rest, you can save money by getting eyes fixed rather than your glasses. Check how much you spend each year on contacts or lenses and consider how long it would take before LASIK actually saved you money.

Safety Glasses are a Requirement at Work

If you work in a lab or on a construction site, then safety goggles may be part of your regular uniform. You know how difficult it is to see through your glasses and those goggles, but what are the alternatives? One choice is to buy customized prescription safety glasses. A better option is to eliminate the problem completely by correcting your vision permanently.

Sorry Sight 5 Signs You Might Need LASIK

You Have Dry Eye or Problems with Night Vision

The interesting thing about laser eye surgery is that it doesn’t just treat poor vision. In some cases, it can also improve night vision and even alleviate dry eyes. Custom LASIK professionals can review your information ahead of time and provide you with more information about the eye surgery and these particular challenges.

You Love Sports

If you love sports, then LASIK is a great option for you. It’s difficult to wear glasses as you run across a field or maneuver your way through opponents, but you don’t want to go into the game blind. Contacts are a possible solution, but they can shift around as you play and interfere with your vision. LASIK is a great option because it eliminates the need or glasses or contacts.

Fast Action is Required in Your Field

Athletes aren’t the only ones who perform better when they eliminate the glasses and contacts. If you’re in a field where you’re on call and need to be able to respond to emergencies fast, then LASIK should be high on your priority list. Firemen don’t have time to put contacts in before they go out on a call. Emergency doctors and paramedics provide a higher quality of care when they have crystal clear vision, and they appreciate not having to adjust glasses or worry about contacts.

Whether you want LASIK to enhance job performance or to save money on replacing glasses and contacts, you will love how clear your vision is after LASIK surgery. This procedure has been used to correct the vision of millions of people. Before you spend more money on glasses or contacts, take another look at this surgery to see if it’s the right choice for you.