Some Must-Know Link Building Strategies For Your Brand

Some Must-Know Link Building Strategies For Your Brand


The SEO experts are continuously figuring out the demands of search engines and updating the strategies according to their needs. Therefore the link building techniques are to be revised as and when required. You must contain some real enlightening content in your site to obtain good quality back links. Let us discuss few strategies for promoting your brand:

Online Tools:

There are various free of cost online tools available for obtaining quality links. You may create online tools that can be useful to your target users. Thus, the time saving tools will attract a lot of visitors and you will fetch a lot of links.

Article in Wikipedia:

Just create a Wikipedia page for your business. Post an article which tells about your company and is well informative to the users. This will surely enhance your authority in the specific field.

Company Blog:

You are required to build a blog for your company. You can obtain links from other relevant blogs and also take part in the web conversation through comments and replies. You can ensure an increase in your leads by updating fresh and unique content in your blog.

Live Blogs:

Your strategy for brands and brand marketing must be appealing to the end-users. If you have visited events and conferences as a business owner, you can share your experience in the blogs. This method will definitely attract a lot of attention. You may use the social media platform to inform visitors about your latest blog.


You can use videos and podcasting for your website. Any popular personality can be interviewed and that interview can be shared on your site. You can also use cartoons to reach a wide range of visitors. Just put on your thinking cap and generate new and innovative ideas!

Lengthy Article:

May be less in quantity, but a single lengthy article can be updated every six months. Small articles can be posted frequently along with the huge articles. This will keep your users engaged in a very useful way.


If you are short of skilled personnel who can create infographics, you can create them on your own. Just use an online tool like, Piktochart for creating effective infographics. Quality back links will automatically come to you if you perform this task properly.

Events And Competitions :

Try to arrange some events and competitions in a regular basis. You need to announce some real good prizes for the winners. This act will help to develop your brand promotion process. Just notify about the event to all your target users through the social media platform and observe the craze!

Tutorials :

You can provide guide or tutorials for the right use of the product that you are offering. The one-way organic links will definitely come on your way easily!

Broken Links: 

If you can find out broken links from other websites and can notify the webmasters about them, you will surely receive gratitude with a quality link as an exchange. You can also think about creating new content for the pages and redirect the links from the dead content to your fresh content very efficiently.

Local Citation :

When you are owning a local business with a proper physical address, you might think of optimizing your search results in the local way. Here comes the importance of local citation of the products or services through the web.

You cannot build links by short cuts and doubtful methods. Transparency and authenticity are the two qualities that are widely searched when you are going through the link building process. The Google algorithms for updates cannot be cheated but they can be overcomed with the right planning and strategies.

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