Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism


People with a high metabolism, they can burn more calories easily. you may have inherited your parent’s slow metabolism.  Try these small changes and you will see how your metabolism gets faster.  Energy can also affect how easily you gain or lose weight. If you will sleep more deeply, you will have more energy and you will feel stronger.

Eat enough

The biggest myth about weight loss that unfortunately many people believe is that you do not have to eat to lose weight. When you give your body less calories than it needs for good functioning (about 1,200 calories for ordinary women) it triggers an alarm system and starts to reserve, So, eat three meals a day until you feel you’re no longer hungry.

Breakfast – Most important Meal of the day

Not for nothing, your mother always told you when you were young to eat your breakfast at morning timings. This first meal of the day is absolutely necessary for the energy that you need throughout the day. Even if you do not have the time to make your own breakfast, try a yogurt with granola or a smoothie. So you will wake up your metabolism and ensure you have a good functioning throughout the day.

Drink Coffee or Tea

Caffeine is a natural stimulant of the nervous system, so your daily coffee cup can increase your metabolic rate by up to 8%, or about 174 calories a day. A good coffee equivalent is a green tea, which together with the antioxidants it contains, increases metabolic rate by up to 12%, according to a Japanese study.

Eat vegetables

Fibers consumption increases fat burning by up to 30%. Studies show that women who have a diet rich in vegetables and fruits take less weight over a longer period of time, so try to incorporate them into every meal.


German experts have shown that drinking 6 cups of cold water increase considerably the rate of fat burning, with up to 50 calories a day. This burning is due to the effort the body makes to bring cold water to the body temperature.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is absolutely necessary for the preservation of muscle tissue. As many people work in the office or in small spaces and ill illuminated, vitamin D deficiency occurs quite often. Fortunately, 90% of the recommended amount is found in a portion of salmon. Other rich sources include tuna, shrimp, tofu or eggs.


Calcium has a double benefit: it boosts metabolic rate and,  reduces the absorption of fat from other foods.